LE-420 Pleiades Class Exploration Ship

    LE-420 Pleiades Class Exploration Ship 1

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    Class: Cruiser/Carrier
    Crew Size: up to 8
    Role: Exploration/Support


    The LE-420 Pleiades Class Exploration Ship is a long range multirole cruiser, intended for mapping out the galaxy and even serving as a base of command for a large fleet, it's best kept out of the fight, using missiles, and small fighters from a distance. Though it may be bland on the outside, this makes the ship harder to see, while it's small cross section makes it harder to hit. The interior however is far from simple. Carved tile flooring line the decorated halls as they lead to it's transparent glass floored hanger. A waterfall flows from the staircase feeding the flora the inhabit the common area where pilots can find small rooms to stay during long voyages, it's easy to forget that your on a ship.

    Most of the changes to this ship can be done through the Engineering Deck, it can be accessed in the area between the Common Area, and the Bridge. Right now there are no chambers added to this ship, but they can easily be added into the ports. The nose of the ship is where you can change the weapon loadouts. Currently this ship is equipped with missiles. Drones/Fighters are kept along the underside, and rails located along the top of the ship. The underside rails can launch fighters from the controls located in the command bridge and the fighter deck located above the hanger. The fighter deck above the hanger is where a pilot can access individually kept fighter, or small repair ships. I added some small drones, larger drones and fighter can be used. Important that you added the drones to a carrier fleet first so the recall command works.

    When employing this ship, it's best to keep it out of a direct fight. It's great for someone who wants to be able to launch a fighter fleet, and have a mobile base to return too, as well as command other ship, while being in a well protected platform. In the next week or so, I'm releasing the destroyer that compliments this ship. The smaller destroyer is excellent for fighting with more of an emphasis of firepower and armor.
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