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    MrGrey1's Shipyard proudly presents the Long Haul Carrier. In production for almost a year, the carrier is the current pinnacle of my mining fleet and supports 20 Mining Drones, 2 Support ships and a large Heavy Miner.

    With more then 11 Million cargo capacity on the carrier alone this fleet can mine and carry a huge quantity of resources before needing to return to your home station.

    All drones can be launched together, if doing so I recommend a carrier speed of 5m/s to minimize collisions, to eliminate collisions all together it is best to travel between 20 & 30 m/s and launch the stern drones before the bow drones.
    The drones have 2 red lights top and bottom that will illuminate when their cargo is full.

    For correct fleet return make sure the ship is spawned under your faction control, create a fleet, add the carrier to the fleet and then the drones in order of Red0, Green0, Red1, Green1, Red2, ..., Red support, Green support, Heavy Miner. This will ensure all drones return to the mother ship in order. Make sure the carrier is positioned above the drones and at a decent distance when issuing a recall order.
    Both the Support Ships and Heavy Miner are intended to be flown manually. Do NOT try automatic return of the Support Ships or Heavy Miner with the drones launched, the Support Ships dock on top of the carrier and will have pathing issues and the Heavy Miner is between the drone docks and will have collisions if you try to recall them with the drones.

    Ideally this carrier is a two player operation, one controlling the carrier and half the fleet and the other in the Heavy Miner with the other half of the fleet. A bit of fleet juggling and co-ordination required to make it work properly.

    As always I hope you enjoy this ship.

    was kind enough to do a walk through video.

    Inner Ship Remotes may lose labels.
    Carrier labels
    hotbar 1
    • Port Bow Launch
    • Port Stern Launch
    • Stbd Bow Launch
    • Stbd Stern Launch
    hotbar 2
    • Port Shuttle
    • Stbd Shuttle
    • Heavy Carrier Launch
    The Support Ships have a 'Cargo Door' and a 'Launch' remote each.
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      Very minor update to remove some stray blocks preventing the stern drones from re-docking...

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