Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.9.2b - Bussard

    Game version
    0.203.113 or later
    🛈 Please note that this is a beta release, and some issues are to be expected.

    🛈 It is highly recommended that you install the Moar Void mod alongside Resources ReSourced. Zone sizes and mechanics are balanced around that mod's default config.

    Resources ReSourced overhauls aspects of the universe, industrial resources, factories, and recipe chains, with the goal of creating scarcity, incentivizing trade, and driving content in StarMade via unequal resource distribution.

    Simultaneously, it reduces the tedium and pitfalls involved in building ships via blueprints or shipyards, by introducing the Components system, block recycling, Omnichrome Paint, and a reduced set of distinctive resources.

    Getting Started: Resource Zones and the Map

    When you open up the galaxy map, you will notice that some system blocks are circled. Mousing over or clicking on those circles, or traveling to the systems, will highlight an entire group of stars with the same rings. These groups are Resource Zones, one of the core mechanics of RRS.


    Each zone colour indicates a unique zone type, with unique resources.
    • Green: Core - All Resources
      The Core zone type is unique. As the name suggests, only one Galactic Core exists in the centre of each galaxy. It contains small amounts of all resources available in RRS. Occasional Aegium comets, Ferron asteroids, and Thermyn-bearing terrestrial planets can be found here. There are also special Exotic Gas Giants, which may provide small amounts of Parsyne and Anbaric available via the Vapor Siphon.
    • White: Misty - Parsyne Plasma
      The stars and gas giant planets in Misty systems emit useful Parsyne Plasma. Place a Vapor Siphon on a station anywhere in the system to harvest from the star, or in/adjacent to a Parsyne gas giant sector to harvest from the gas giant.
    • Cyan: Frigid - Aegium Shards
      In Frigid systems, most asteroids and planets are frozen over, except very close to the star. In the outermost belts, Aegium Comets can be found, containing valuable Aegium Shards. Some planets in these systems also provide a trickle of Aegium if a Magmatic Extractor is placed on them.
    • Blue: Energetic - Thermyn Amalgam
      Energized Planets can be found In Energetic systems. Placing a Magmatic Extractor on an Energized Planet will yield volatile Thermyn Amalgam, used in power and explosives systems.
    • Magenta: Crystalline/Crystal-Rich
      Crystalline systems don't contain any special resources, but their asteroid belts contain Dense Crystal asteroids, which contain large amounts of common Crystalline Ore to fuel your large building projects.
    • Rust: Ferric/Ferron-Rich - Ferron Ore
      Ferron-rich star systems contain large amounts of Ferron asteroids in asteroid belts close to the star. As the name suggests, these asteroids contain Ferron Ore, used in remote sensing and stealth systems. Some planets in these systems also provide a trickle of Ferron if a Magmatic Extractor is placed on them.
    • Grey: Metallic
      Metallic systems don't contain any special resources, but their asteroid belts contain Dense Metal asteroids, which contain large amounts of common Metallic Ore to fuel your large building projects.
    • Red: Flux - Anbaric Vapor
      Flux systems contain special dark red gas giants. Placing a Vapor Siphon on a station in/adjacent to the gas giant sector will allow you to harvest Anbaric Vapor from these gas giants.
    • Everywhere Else:
      Systems not within a particular resource zone will contain mostly normal Crystalline Ore and Metallic Ore asteroids, and generic planet types. However, in ANY star system in any (or no) zone, there is a small chance for special asteroid or planet types to spawn.

    Each zone type contains unique resources used in manufacturing. Some of these are found in stars, planets, or asteroids. Consult the Astrometric Scanner chambers, available in the Recon category, for more information.

    There is no zone or naturally-occurring source of Macetine Aggregate. However, it is produced as a byproduct of refining any other special zone resource mentioned above (i.e. resources besides Metallic Ore, Crystalline Ore, and Macetine Aggregate itself)

    🛈 Please note that regardless of zone type, planets in RRS do not bear ores. Harvesting resources from planets is accomplished specifically by placing a Magmatic Extractor on their surface along with power reactors, and setting it to its recipe.

    This is a StarMade limitation, and not something that I can fix without completely rewriting planet generation on my own. There is a planned workaround, using Geode blocks, but this is a low-priority feature for now.


    Getting Started: Industry & Manufacturing

    Your astronaut suit's personal manufactory system has been updated with the new matter fabrication protocols.

    When RRS is installed, you will notice that your Blueprints and Shipyard Schematics do not require all of their constituent blocks. Instead, they will ask for a new type of ingredient: Components. Components are common intermediate items made from specific materials, which are then used to craft EITHER blocks OR ships. Conversely, ships and blocks can be broken back down to Components at 100% efficiency. Components are designed to reduce the hours-long tedious process of crafting every single odd block in your ship. Blocks with similar functions will generally use the same types of Components.


    Refining raw resources into capsules is accomplished using the Capsule Refinery, just as in vanilla.
    Capsules of RRS resources can be used to manufacture Components in the Component Fabricator, which can then be used in blueprints.
    Individual blocks for survival building are built from Components in the Block Assembler factory.

    If you accidentally build too many or the wrong blocks, or if you loot a hoard of blocks and want more Components for building your blueprints, the Block Disassembler is your friend. It quickly breaks blocks down into their constituent Components for later use. There are no losses, so you can assemble and break down your blocks as many times as you want.

    The Component Recycler will destroy components and attempt to recover the raw materials as capsules, but this process is not perfect and will not return all constituent resources. It may randomly produce scrap instead.

    The Vapor Siphon and Magmatic Extractor are critical for passively gathering special resources from the universe. Vapor Siphons will collect any resources available in the same sector, but Magmatic Extractors must be placed on a planet plate in order to gather available resources from that planet.


    Full feature showcase and guide coming soon.

    • Report any issues on the project's issue tracker.

    • Magmatic Extractors and Vapor Siphons need to be set to their task before they will begin working. Select the one crafting recipe available, then activate them and they will begin extracting resources.

    • Previously uncraftable blocks, such as terrain types, plants, and rock types, can now be built in the Block Assembler using components such as Rock Dust, Omnichrome Paint, and Floral Protomaterial.

    • Proper visual effects for Gas Giant interiors, Misty star systems, and more are coming. This beta version is designed to provide basic functionality, and allow for gameplay and technical testing.

    • The Galaxy Map will show areas with different resources as "constellations" of different colours.

    • Use the basic Astrometric Scanner Chamber to learn more about your current location and how it may be useful to you. Try it in planet sectors!
    • Use the Sector Prospecting Chamber upgrade for your astrometric scanner to see what passive resources are available in your sector and which block to use for extraction.

    • Check the shop descriptions of each raw resource to find out where and how they can be obtained.
      (The full guide on this page will include this information in detail.)

    • Due to technical limitations of StarMade's planet plate format, terrestrial planets do not contain any ores. (Apologies to planet mining fans.)
      Unless you need large amounts of terrain blocks for a survival building project, attempting to salvage planets is not advised. However, depending on planet type, Magmatic Extractors may be able to siphon small amounts of useful resources from the planet passively.

    • Passive extractor systems can take a few cycles to get up and running. If they come up empty the first 2-3 cycles, don't be discouraged.

    • Resources take up less space and weigh less once refined. Consider including refineries at extraction sites or in established mining areas, to make resource collection trips more efficient.

    • The Moar Void mod is not required in order to use Resources ReSourced, but strongly recommended. Resource zone sizes and map display are currently designed around Moar Void's reduced star density settings, not the default grid.
      Otherwise, consider setting the SearchRadiusDistanceModifier to 0.0 and reducing the star search radius (InitialZoneSearchRadiusInSystems and SecondaryZoneSearchRadiusInSystems) in the mod's configuration file (\StarMade\moddata\Resources ReSourced\Resources ReSourced.yml).

    • If you can't escape a Gas Giant's gravity going straight up, try flying at an angle! You will be able to accelerate to higher speeds and eventually leave the atmosphere, break out of the gravity well, and fly into interplanetary space. This is similar to the way that real-world rockets go to other planets without wasting energy.

    • Balance on all recipes and resource sources is not final. If something doesn't seem quite right, leave a comment or PM Ithirahad. Eventually, there will be a recipe config system to allow for custom balancing.

    • RRS's blocks have custom textures, but currently use vanilla icons. This will be fixed in the near future.

    • RRS's resource capsules do not display correctly when placed. This will be resolved soon, but for now, simply use the old capsules if you need the models for decoration. They are still manufacturable as decorative blocks.

    • NPC factions may not work correctly with RRS. They use an abstracted inventory tracking system that is based on the vanilla resources, and adaptation to work with RRS's resource, galaxy zone, and Component systems has not been achieved at present.

    • RRS will attempt to create factory recipes for other mods' items and blocks if they originally had recipes, but they may be somewhat nonsensical or imbalanced. Formal compatibility for some mods and a custom API hook for modded block recipes may be added in the future. For now, advice to modders is to set up your block categories properly if applicable, and try to use similar resources in your recipes to what vanilla blocks with similar functions have, as that will help RRS's recipe translator make sense of what the recipes should be.


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    Latest reviews

    Good in the beginning, but then things stop generating in newly visited systems.
    (This has been fixed in subsequent updates. It was a tricky bug that involved an innocent-looking bit of StarMade code that I ended up having to work around. Sorry about that. Any universe affected by this can be fixed by simply deleting your player files inside the Server-Database folder.)
    Beautiful gasgiants. Sometimes unstable but constantly improving. Gameplay aspects, mechanics and visuals make up for the technical issues by a big margin.
    Significantly improves survival, this component stuff should all be vanilla imo, gets rid of a lot of the needless grind of getting some obscure blocks in order to fill a blueprint. Of course it has some quirks, but that is to be expected.
    I really like this mod. Production lines are less complex but still reasonable.
    For dokumentation I would like to have a recipe wiki.
    Terrestial planets and normal asteroids does not always load.
    Thanks for the bug report!

    I'm not entirely sure what's causing the issues for normal asteroids (personally haven't experienced that issue or seen anything anomalous in logs), but in the course of developing version 0.3 I have discovered and fixed issues which prevented some terrestrial planets from spawning any plates. Hopefully your issue will be resolved with the next release.
    I love the depth and attention to detail you have achieved and you have obviously put a lot of effort into this mod. I will be following its development closely, especially if better integration with NPC factions is somehow possible.

    My only gripe is that you have changed the vanilla resources. Having played the game for the best part of 5.5 years, this change is off-putting. Not that I know off by heart what each of the various resources (ores and shards) are used for, I wonder why you might have gone down this route? Add new ones yes but change the existing ones I find hard to come to terms with. Maybe that is just me but maybe not?

    The gas giants are awesome and being able to passively collect materials from these and on the other planets is great.

    Personally, only the change in the vanilla resources has prompted me to only give this four stars but I will be interested to see where this mod goes and maybe try to get my head around the more radical (IMHO) changes.
    I went down this route because I felt that to someone who HASN'T had the unusual dedication to stick to this game intently for 5.5 years, the current system is just a bad experience. Having 18 mostly redundant, indistinct types of raw material to build the blocks is just another annoying barrier to all the building, flying, fighting, and exploring that people would expect out of a game like StarMade.

    I apologize for the inconvenience to remarkably dedicated veterans such as yourself who know the old system like the back of their hand, but I've decided to bank on the guess that the majority of players wouldn't have things so well-memorized, that a new system with more distinctive resources and descriptive Components would actually be *worse* for them.