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    XSR-1 "Urzhejaath" Prototype Racing Ship 1.0

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    The XSR-1 Urzhejaath-class is the Aethi Imperium's submission to the Trident Foundries Solar System Racer challenge: a bizarre union of disparate technologies and aesthetics.

    The ship is the product of a collaboration between the Aethi spacecraft manufacturer Vaisaara Heavy Industries and the Silver Ocean Starflight Guild of the Sethai'irig people, a member species of the Aethi Imperium. Construction facilities and some systems integration work were provided by a third party, the interstellar conglomerate Faelight Technologies, who also generously donated a few cans of yellow space-paint to the effort.

    It utilizes a combination of Aethi gravitic drive tails and Silver Ocean's high-efficiency fusion jets for maximum thrust performance.

    The ship was named after the legendary creature Urzhejaath, a bizarre seven-legged chimera from Aethi myth.

    Unfortunately, the marriage of technologies from Aethis and Sethai'ir proved to be temperamental. The large plasma manifold used by the Sethai'irig fusion engines had a penchant for destabilizing and exploding when experiencing the spacetime wake shear that the Aethi drive tails produced at faster-than-light speeds. Thus, the tails were limited to sublight power and the ship was instead fitted with a Plex Industries emergency jump unit, giving it far inferior FTL capability to most starships of its class. The craft is, therefore, typically transported between rally sites via jumpgates, or fitted with an optional ventral mag-clamp and carried by a specialized flight-deck courier ship.

    Furthermore, the highly specialized engineering talent and extensive manual labour required to build them was often preferentially occupied by other, more critical projects within Vaisaara and Silver Ocean. As a result, very few functional XSR-1 units were constructed. However, the few that exist (and actually work) have proven to be surprisingly reliable and powerful intra-system racing machines.
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