1. TheDerpGamerX

      Contracts 2 2.0.5

      Adds contracts for improved player and NPC interaction. Contracts can be taken and added from the new contracts tab in the shop menu. Once a player claims a contract, they can access it from their contracts menu that can be access by opening the top right dropdown button on the top bar. They...
    2. TheDerpGamerX

      CombatCam 1.0.2

      Description: Adds a tracking camera for missiles. To activate, fire a missile, then hold Right Control on your keyboard and the camera will follow the missile until it hits it's target. In the case of multiple missiles being fired, you can press Right Alt to switch between them while holding...
    3. TheDerpGamerX

      CombatTweaks 1.1.6 - Tactical

      The major feature of this mod is that it adds Armor HP back in. Todo: more words
    4. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterFactions 0.1.0a - Dev

    5. TheDerpGamerX

      LuaMade 1.0.12 - Logical

      Adds Lua scriptable computers to StarMade. A full description can be accessed by using the !glossar command in-game. Please go to Issues · garretreichenbach/Logiscript ( to report issues. API and Documentation Wiki See the main wiki page if you want to help contribute to the mod...
    6. TheDerpGamerX

      LorefulLoot 1.1.3 - Kessler

      Description: This mod adds highly customizable randomly spawning shipwrecks into the world, each with loot and lore. The shipwrecks are generated dynamically, meaning the ship is spawned and then a bunch of explosions are created on it randomly in order to simulate damage. Usage: The mod will...
    7. lupoCani

      Subsystem HP 0.1.009

      Most conventional ship systems are assigned an individual subsystem HP, which caps the performance of the system. When blocks of the system are destroyed, SSHP drops at a faster rate than the blocks are destroyed, causing the system to be nonfuctional before all blocks are destroyed. SSHP...
    8. Ithirahad

      The Bastion Initiative 0.2.1c - Montalembert

      🛈 Requires the Resources ReSourced mod to function. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with that mod first. 🛈 Please note that this is a very early beta release, and some issues are to be expected. Building upon the resource mechanics introduced by Resources ReSourced, The Bastion...
    9. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterChambers 1.6.12 - Citadel

      Description: Reworks some existing chambers and adds new ones with expanded functionality. Offense Chambers: AI Enhancement chambers for boosting ship AI range and accuracy. Weapon Range Chamber Tree: A small base range increase and then upgrades that specialize in specific weapon types...
    10. IR0NSIGHT

      MapPlus 0.3

      This micro-mod cleans up the vanilla map a bit: - remove fleet lines or icons (other than your own) - remove trade nodes and trade lines - stars fade when zooming into the system To be done: - copy selected sector coord into clipboard when pressing space - fix up the wierd faction area...
    11. TheDerpGamerX

      StarTunes 1.0.4

      Description: Adds an in-game music player that can be accessed in the top bar menu under PLAYER. The mod is client side only, so you can use it on both modded and vanilla servers. Adding Music: Currently, the mod does not include music by itself (due to SMD's file upload size limits), however...
    12. IR0NSIGHT

      Transition 0.2

      The transition mod allows you to save resources to a database, similar to a bank account. The resources get save to your starmade account name, NOT your ingame playername. You will be able to access the resources from any alt with the same account. The resources will be ported over into the new...
    13. IR0NSIGHT

      Stronghold 2.3.1

      This is an mod in developement and may be subject to heavy changes over updates. Introduction The 'Stronghold' mod adds a capture-and-hold-bases system, which allows to make all stations inside a starsystem invulnerable to attacks. Strongholds A stronghold is a stellar, arbitrarily large zone...
    14. Lord_Latterous

      BountyHunting 1.4

      A server-side mod for putting credit bounties on other players. For a list of subcommands use: "/bounty help:long" in-game.
    15. Lord_Latterous

      BetterShaders 1.2

      A (client-only) shader mod which decreases the amount of bloom as well as makes beams look much better. To get this mod it is recommended to download it from the in game mod menu and then you have to enable it in the list of installed mods. It is also recommended to turn off bloom, but keep on...
    16. Lord_Latterous

      BuyMetaItems 1.5

      Since NPC traders at advanced shops were somehow broken by StarLoader, and there is no other way to get meta items (e.g. torches, grapples), this (solely server-side) mod adds commands allows you to once again be able to get those special items without needing admin commands. A unique part of...
    17. Tomino_sama

      Greenscreen Block 1.0

      Long ago i released a Greenscreen Block which was used for some special effects. This became a part of Plusnine's Custom Block Pack. It now returns as a Mod old mod is here
    18. J

      PreciseRailRotators 1.2

      Precise Rail Rotators This is another very simple mod, it adds 2 blocks. The precise rail rotator, and the precise counterclockwise rail rotator. The usage of this block is the exact same as the regular rail rotator, but every angle it rotates is divided by 8. So 1 connected activation module...
    19. J

      CapitolMining 1.0

      CapitolMining CapitolMining is a very simple mod, it adds a block that gives mining bonus. It scales infinitely, so a capitol ship could have a million of them, making it better for mining than a small ship. So tldr it adds a little miner progression. Also the block is crafted in the basic...
    20. Tomino_sama

      Flora Factory 1.1

      The Flora Factory allows you to grow Flora, Makes Planetary Flora based on Mineral Colour + Ice.