1. TheDerpGamerX

      EdenCore 1.1.20

      The core mod for Skies of Eden StarMade Server. As of v1.0.0 only supports entity save transfers. Not recommended for use on other servers.
    2. J

      RealDebris 0.1

      Features Block Dropping Normally, breaking a block causes it to disappear into the void, but now, they are dropped into space! Pickup In Inventory Picking up a block will put it in the first named inventory of your piloted ship. Batching Blocks are batched to reduce lag, so if you break...
    3. TheDerpGamerX

      DerpsDecor 1.3.7

      A simple mod that adds a few decorative blocks.
    4. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterFleets 1.3.3

      A mod aimed at improving vanilla fleet mechanics and expanding upon their functionality. You can order fleets around through the galaxy map by left clicking on their icons (hold LSHIFT to select multiple) and then right clicking to select an order. Also adds 3 new fleet commands: Artillery...
    5. IR0NSIGHT

      NPCController 1.0

      CURRENTLY BROKEN WORKING ON FIX (15 sept 2021) This mod allows a basic control over what blueprints pirate(any faction) stations can use, and also allows to automatically replace already existing, unwanted stations (like power 1.0 vanilla stations). !!There are NO requirements to replace any...
    6. TheDerpGamerX

      StarBridge 1.4.10

      Description Provides a link between your server and discord. Players can use /link in-game to get a code for linking their discord account to their player. Setup: Once you've installed the mod and ran it for the first time, modify the fields in config.yml to your server. You will need a webhook...
    7. IR0NSIGHT

      NewsCaster 1.2.1

      This mod aims to catch and collect interesting events happening on the server: - Destruction of ships - Spawning of ships - Declaration of war, peace, alliances - System Claim It logs important info about each of these events and stores the persistently (across server restarts). If required it...
    8. J

      ScalarMining 1.2

      ScalarMining Ever wanted going above 8 salvagers to mean something? Well now it can! The more salvagers you have, the bigger the radius is. This is with a single 4000 module beam: , Bugs Rarely creates ghost blocks Salvage Radius Formula The salvage radius formula is hard capped at a radius of...
    9. T

      Logical Gravity Units 1.0.0

      Implementation of suggestion: Logical Gravity Units can be toggled between Blacklist and Whitelist with a slaved Activation Module. In Blacklist any player who's gravity is in the direction of a slaved Logical Gravity...
    10. TheDerpGamerX

      BetterBuilding 1.3.7

      A small mod to help with building and design. Currently it supports multiple build hotbars in creative mode (using LALT + number or scroll), but I hope to add more features in future. IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ: Due to StarMade's lack of proper gui scaling, some clients may show the hotbar...
    11. J

      ExtraEffects 1.8.3

      ExtraEffects New particles: Ship explode Beam shoot/hit Missile shoot/hit/trail Cannon shoot/hit Missile hit by AMS New sounds: - Missile lockon sound - Inner-ship remote toggle How to install: Then find "ExtraEffects" In the mod browser
    12. lupoCani

      Factory Automation Enhancement 0.2.004

      Factory Automation Enhancement is a mod to allow for the automation of factories and factory setups, and reduce the burden of micromanagement on the player, with the addition of two blocks: the Basic Factory Assistant and the Advanced Factory Assistant. The Basic Factory Assistant The Basic...
    13. J

      AlphaRework 1.0

      == [AlphaRework] == Replaces high damage with a shield hardener that makes you take 80% less damage when active. Replaces low damage with a weapon overdriver that massively decreases reload time.
    14. J

      SMWorldBorder 0.1

      SMWorldBorder Features: Limit players from going too far from spawn Will help that they can't load extra galaxies Configurable distance Plays a warning alarm and notifies you in chat if you've gone too far Explodes the ship and kills the player if they don't go back. How to use: First...
    15. IR0NSIGHT

      WarpSpace 0.9.7

      This is warpspace. This mod explores the idea to have a space in which you travel to get from point a to point b, but faster than normal flight. The mod creates a warpspace, similar to the minecraft nether in concept. Every meter travelled in the warp translates into 10 meters travelled in...
    16. J

      LowMade 2021-03-18

      LowMade StarMade loads textures in at a distance to be lower resolution than up close. But the lowest it goes is 64x64, this mod can drop it to 1x1, or higher if you change it in the config Performance Increase? idk maybe Installation: Download the latest dev build Click "Mods" on the...
    17. Ithirahad

      TrekQuadrants 1.02

      🛈 Requires Starloader. As of v0.202.104, run the latest dev build with the command-line argument -patch to get the latest Starloader every time the game starts. Simply tacks the name of the containing quadrant onto the system name. Eventually, I'd like to add the symbols onto the star map as...
    18. Ithirahad

      AwfulAstronomicalApellations 1.31 - Protostar

      🛈 Requires Starloader. As of StarMade dev branch v0.202.115 or so, Starloader comes standard with your StarMade install. This mod replaces the default modular star system name generation with a syllable-constructing name builder. The diversity should be far better than the default names. AAA...
    19. TheDerpGamerX

      Contracts 1.2.10

      Adds contracts for improved player and NPC interaction. Contracts can be taken and added from the new contracts tab in the shop menu. Once a player claims a contract, they can access it from their contracts menu that can be access by opening the top right dropdown button on the top bar. They...
    20. Ithirahad

      Moar Void 1.11 - Erebus

      🛈 Requires StarLoader. As of v0.202.108, click "Enable Modded" under the Tools & Mods panel, then reopen the game to enable StarLoader. Also, old versions of this mod relied on temporary features of development StarLoader and will no longer work. If you downloaded this and found it...