Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship

    Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship 1.1 / Tail Fix

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    The Ithel-Oras-class Courier, whose name means "Cloud-walker" in common Aethi, is the first indigenous Aethi starship cleared for export by the Aethi Star Navy in nearly 200 years. Built by Serei Sa'alin Shipyard in collaboration with Vaisaara Heavy Industries, the Ithel-Oras is a versatile platform for light logistics operations.

    // FEATURES \\
    • 2x ADS (Aethi Docking Standard) ports
      (USD adapters available upon request)
    • Shipboard alert system with forced docking prevention and internal anti-boarding energy bulkheads​
    • Upper cargo bay with crate, crate ejector, and cargo transport shuttle w/ timed launcher​
    • Lower cargo hold with transporter bay​
    • Magnetic clamp, force-field stabilizers, and boarding ramps for surface landings on prepared pads
    • Compact accommodations for up to 6 crew or passengers​
    • Medical Bay​
    • Efficient auto-charging jump drive​
    • Open space for reactor chamber system or interior expansion if desired​
    • Nose equipment bay for adaptation as a repair, salvage, or tractoring ship​
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    1. 1.1

      Fixed some tail hull geometry problems.