Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.9.2c - Bussard

    • Fixed various causes of "ghost extractors"
    • You can no longer place more than one passive extractor of a given type per structure (this previously caused issues)
    • v0.9.2a: Magmatic extraction won't be cancelled by removing Vapor Siphons and vice-versa
    NOTE: This update resets all extractors, as a result of a change in the generation of identifying names for extractor records. You will have to visit your extractor locations to begin extracting resources again.
    • Removed specific resource production rate info from the celestial scanner (visit celestial bodies and use the prospecting scanner instead)
    • Fixed Component Recyclers creating single pieces of scrap rather than stacks of scraps when disassembly fails
    • Added event for third-party mods to allow their resources to create macetine as a byproduct of refining in the Capsule Refinery
    • Fixed crash issues related to compiling against an outdated version of StarMade
    The "Bussard" update brings a community-requested feature along with various tweaks.
    • The Vapor Ramscoop system is now available! You can use it to harvest small amounts of Anbaric, Parsyne, and other resources from Gas Giants, Stars, and any other source you would normally use a Vapor Siphon for. This should enhance the singleplayer experience and assist new players in getting started with manufacturing in Resources ReSourced.
      Note that all gas sources have very small pools of resources available for active collection, and they regenerate very slowly. These pools are separate from the resource flows available to Vapor Siphons.

      The Ramscoop has a 15-second firing cycle, during which it must remain powered as it gathers and pressurizes rarified gases into a concentrated, usable form. At the end of the cycle, it will deposit the resources into linked storages or your inventory.

      Ramscoops are more effective while flying at high speed, but be careful to remain in-range of whatever you're trying to harvest.
    • Added logistics chambers to increase Ramscoop yield.
    • Added 3 types of Metallic planet, now differentiated from Ferron and Barren planets. These can only be found in Metal-Rich regions, and usually yield large amounts of Metallic Ore if a Magmatic Extractor facility is placed on them.
    • Added a configurable minimum resource score for systems within resource zones (default 0.4).
    • Buffed Metal and Crystal-Rich Asteroids' resource contents
    • Reduced Ice and Crystalline Ore yields from Aegium planets
    • Fixed a bug that caused Gas Giant gravity to not apply in singleplayer.

    ...Until next time, good luck, have fun, and happy huffing.
    This update changes the default values for resource balance.
    • Reduced Parsyne yields
    • Reduced Thermyn yields
    • Increased Anbaric minimum yield

    To apply the changes, you may have to delete your RRS config in the /StarMade/moddata/Resources ReSourced folder.
    • Fixed wrong recipe on Hazard Armor blocks.
    • Halved maximum chance that a system will spawn mismatching planet types by default. (configurable)
    • Updated & cleaned up planet type selection algorithm with (mostly) consistent and configurable values
    • Increased capsule cost of Thermyn Power Charges
    • Decreased Crystal yields of non-Crystal planet types
    • Minor zones will now have a higher chance of spawning 'special' planet types, but 50% lower resource yield from planets.
    (Temporary fix for a StarMade issue causing factories to be unusable and making LoD blocks invisible)
    • RRS will no longer print a ton of superfluous internal info to the log.
    • Fixed extractors failing to claim all resources at once
    • Potentially fixed extractors sometimes failing to respect mining bonus (or maybe made it worse :P )
    • 'Ghost' extractors with no corresponding entity in database will be removed with every save
    • 0.8.11d/e: Fixed a very old bug causing unnecessary lag with large numbers of entities loaded