Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.8.15 - Microcosm

    • Halved maximum chance that a system will spawn mismatching planet types by default. (configurable)
    • Updated & cleaned up planet type selection algorithm with (mostly) consistent and configurable values
    • Increased capsule cost of Thermyn Power Charges
    • Decreased Crystal yields of non-Crystal planet types
    • Minor zones will now have a higher chance of spawning 'special' planet types, but 50% lower resource yield from planets.
    (Temporary fix for a StarMade issue causing factories to be unusable and making LoD blocks invisible)
    • RRS will no longer print a ton of superfluous internal info to the log.
    • Fixed extractors failing to claim all resources at once
    • Potentially fixed extractors sometimes failing to respect mining bonus (or maybe made it worse :P )
    • 'Ghost' extractors with no corresponding entity in database will be removed with every save
    • 0.8.11d/e: Fixed a very old bug causing unnecessary lag with large numbers of entities loaded
    • RRS will now save during autosaves, so extractor states will not be lost in case the server cannot shut down properly, and ghost extractors should be cleaned up more frequently
    • Added command /rrs_clear_extractors to unregister all extractors connected to passive resource providers that are available in a sector. Will not delete the physical blocks, but can be used to clean up ghosts.
    • Added a separate log for faction/situational mining bonus calculation exceptions
    • Slight correction to Glossar
    • RRS's added blocks now have icons! No more confusing factory and shield beam icon placeholders.
    • Fixed world-breaking persistence spam in singleplayer
    • Nerfed Aegium planet resource generation
    • Nerfed Metallic planet resource generation
    • Fixed extractors not properly generating resources while loaded
    • HOPEFULLY fixed blueprint items failing to spawn things and dumping their resources if they were bought before the current play session
    • Improved logging for persistence load/save errors

    • Removed meow
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    • Fixed a major bug causing singleplayer local server data corruption and making systems not generate. It was ultimately caused by un-resilient native StarMade code that will hopefully be fixed soon, but for now there is a workaround for most causes of the issue.
    • Scanners will now report appropriate info in WarpSpace.
    • Fixed some more unnecessary causes of RRS galaxy info regeneration.

    • 0.8.8a: Fixed the Astrometric Scanner in multiplayer
    • 0.8.8b: Fixed error spam related to gas giants; may have unpredictable results for some clients w/r/t gas giant physics. Please report any new issues.
    • 0.8.8c: Possible fix for GenerationElementMap bug causing nothing to load or generate (requiring game restart)
    • 0.8.8d/e: Fix edge-case nullpointers potentially caused by WarpSpace
    Hopefully, the next releases for RRS will be a blueprint bug fix and then a feature update.
    In the meantime, thanks for putting up with all the mess. Hopefully now there is a bit less of it.

    • Fixed shops sometimes not having location-appropriate prices as intended from the "Mercantile" update features.
    • Fixed a null-pointer issue that may have caused inter-session persistence of passive extractors to be inconsistent or fail utterly. Ironically, this was partially due to an attempted information retrieval command that we were trying to use to debug the system previously.

    • 0.8.7d: Fixed asteroids having vanilla names on gen, potentially fixed a server hanging issue related to asteroid generation, may have created a new nullpointer (please report if so)
    • 0.8.7e/f: Fixed RRS prompting a bunch of unnecessary and accidental galaxy regenerations, may have fixed playerstate permanently breaking in singleplayer when using scanner