Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.8.6c - Microcosm

    • Workaround for a StarLoader issue that was causing factories to not be linkable to enhancers
    • Removed some confusing old code that wasn't doing anything
    • Slight logging improvements
    Fixed all refineries and possibly factories being nonfunctional. Sorry about that!
    This update will reset your unloaded extractors due to a bugfix-related format change. Revisit them to reinitialize them.
    • Hopefully fixed an issue where extractors won't consistently take mining bonus chambers into account.
    • Extractors' bonuses are now fully virtualized and automatically update upon system ownership change. This means that they should correctly update their mining rate when a system is claimed or unclaimed while the extractor unloaded. Ninja claiming before collecting resources will no longer give a giant bonus of 'free' stuff.
    • Fixed an unintended behaviour wherein Misty (Parsyne Plasma) gas giants will spawn in Anbaric systems instead of standard gas giant types.
    This SHOULD be the final major RRS mechanics bug dealt with, though the backend virtualization changes may have introduced new ones. As always, report any strange behaviors you find.

    In the meantime, work continues on The Bastion Initiative... More about that soon.
    Fixed a bug that can cause the vanilla -> RRS BP item conversion process to fail. Really the whole system ought to be updated so that RRS blueprint items automatically 'pretend' to be vanilla when interacting with vanilla systems to avoid these issues, but this will hopefully do for now.
    • 0.8.5a: Fixed an issue where having a siphon and magmatic extractor on the same planet plate may needlessly regenerate all of a plate's extractor profiles
    Fixed a few situations that may cause resource loss from extractors on loading (and make debug logging look horrible)
    • Fixed RRS's new generation algorithm being inconsistent between machines due to bad assumptions about how Java works. This unfortunately means that some users will experience another zone reshuffling - this's the ACTUAL last one, though, unless another similarly critical bug is found.

      I promise, for what little my word is worth now.
    • 0.8.3a: fixed a typo that caused incorrect regen rate info to display in scan results
    RRS will now export differently-named configs for each world or server you join. This probably doesn't fix any issues, but it makes it easier to diagnose problems.
    Fixed a packaging issue that caused the mod to not run without certain other mods installed. This is what I get for running highly unsanitary testing environments!
    Some quick tweaks before servers and people start using this...
    • Fixed major resource zones being too large
    • Fixed zones not respecting internal size modifiers
    • adjusted some config defaults (recommend deleting moddata and letting the configs regenerate)
    The "Microcosm" update brings a community-requested feature along with various tweaks.
    • Added Minor Resource Zones. These small pockets of stars host rare resources just like their larger cousins, making more areas of the galaxy valuable to control. Minor Zones and indicated on your galaxy map by smaller circles around their principal star.
    • Vapor Siphons and Magmatic Extractors now require 2k Factory Enhancers per resource per second. This change is made so that fully-capable extractor stations are no longer "free" throwaway assets throughout all gameplay levels, and have a tangible cost associated with them.
    • Changed Astrometric Scanner information display to show resources available per hour rather than per second
    • Adjusted Astrometric Scanner hotbar tool to use the correct chamber icon
    • Improved some zone and system flavour text in Astrometric Scanner
    • Internally reorganized zone generation systems.
      (Unfortunately, the restructuring and internal changes to add minor zones also change how RRS's RNG system works, meaning that the "Microcosm" update reshuffles the location of existing resource sources in the galaxy. This should be the last time this has to happen for a long time.)
    • Added configurable limit for the maximum number of stars in a zone
    • Added Y-axis limits to the zone generation star gathering routine. Zones will no longer be full columns in the vertical axis, but rather different parts of a zone have height limits. This improves the shape and size of the new mini-zones as well as provides forwards compatibility with things such as galaxy shape mods.
    • Resource zones now encompass void systems as well as stars. No zone type includes actual resources in voids (yet), but this makes map navigation easier and paves the way for future features...

    As always, thank you all for playing with - and putting up with all the changes in - Resources ReSourced. It's been a bit of a rough ride, but there probably won't be any more major zone-shifting changes for the foreseeable future.

    Instead, be on the lookout for interesting new features coming to resource zones near you, soon(tm). I need to focus my efforts on the Bastion Initiative and other projects for now, but there is much work yet to be done making the RRS galaxy a more varied and interesting place to play StarMade.