Resources ReSourced

    Resources ReSourced 0.5e - Mercantile

    I really like this mod. Production lines are less complex but still reasonable.
    For dokumentation I would like to have a recipe wiki.
    Terrestial planets and normal asteroids does not always load.
    Thanks for the bug report!

    I'm not entirely sure what's causing the issues for normal asteroids (personally haven't experienced that issue or seen anything anomalous in logs), but in the course of developing version 0.3 I have discovered and fixed issues which prevented some terrestrial planets from spawning any plates. Hopefully your issue will be resolved with the next release.
    I love the depth and attention to detail you have achieved and you have obviously put a lot of effort into this mod. I will be following its development closely, especially if better integration with NPC factions is somehow possible.

    My only gripe is that you have changed the vanilla resources. Having played the game for the best part of 5.5 years, this change is off-putting. Not that I know off by heart what each of the various resources (ores and shards) are used for, I wonder why you might have gone down this route? Add new ones yes but change the existing ones I find hard to come to terms with. Maybe that is just me but maybe not?

    The gas giants are awesome and being able to passively collect materials from these and on the other planets is great.

    Personally, only the change in the vanilla resources has prompted me to only give this four stars but I will be interested to see where this mod goes and maybe try to get my head around the more radical (IMHO) changes.
    I went down this route because I felt that to someone who HASN'T had the unusual dedication to stick to this game intently for 5.5 years, the current system is just a bad experience. Having 18 mostly redundant, indistinct types of raw material to build the blocks is just another annoying barrier to all the building, flying, fighting, and exploring that people would expect out of a game like StarMade.

    I apologize for the inconvenience to remarkably dedicated veterans such as yourself who know the old system like the back of their hand, but I've decided to bank on the guess that the majority of players wouldn't have things so well-memorized, that a new system with more distinctive resources and descriptive Components would actually be *worse* for them.