AwfulAstronomicalApellations 1.31 - Protostar

    Game version
    v0.202.119 and above
    đŸ›ˆ Requires Starloader. As of StarMade dev branch v0.202.115 or so, Starloader comes standard with your StarMade install.

    This mod replaces the default modular star system name generation with a syllable-constructing name builder. The diversity should be far better than the default names. AAA also extends the default "Entering system" message to include the name of the system, which was normally only visible in a tiny info line in the map.

    This mod uses fixed, internal generator templates for now, but custom name generation template support is coming soon(tm).

    The built-in name generator templates admittedly do need refinement, as they will currently put out bizarre, unreadable, or nigh-unpronounceable names from time to time. Physically impossible hard consonant clusters are not allowed by any of the permitted syllable structures, though, so 99% of the names technically can be pronounced.

    The AAA mod includes a built-in profanity filter to ensure that most inappropriate words shouldn't come up in, or as, star system names. However, short of a human-like AI, there's no way to prevent goofy names, though, so depending on your world seed, do expect the occasional "Thing Wormhole", "Proxima Nose", or "Bang Prime".

    There are also some 'easter-egg' prefixes, suffixes, and appendations that come up on rare occasions.

    As of v1.10, AAA now comes with another feature: manual name overrides! Admins can now override the random name generation, and assign names to star systems manually.

    To assign a name to a star system, use the command: /set_system_name x y z <NAME>
    e.g. /set_system_name 0 0 0 Origin
    To clear an assigned name and return to the default, use: /clear_system_name x y z

    Please be aware that due to a Starloader issue with custom commands, names containing spaces are not properly supported. The workaround is to assign a placeholder name, then open and edit the YML file for your world under /StarMade/moddata/AwfulAstronomicalAppellations, replacing that placeholder name with the desired name containing spaces.
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    Latest updates

    1. 1.31 release

      Custom name list synchronization moved to API synch system (resetting should synch properly too...
    2. Fixed event listener priority

      Didn't realize how the priority system in Starloader events works. Any other mod should be able...
    3. Version 1.1: Admin Overrides

      AAA now comes with a new feature: manual name overrides! Admins can now override the random name...

    Latest reviews

    I'd love to see this in action but it doesn't seem to work currently? Any chance of an update?
    I'll look into it. I've been using it locally when developing my other mods, and it seems to work fine. Will have to test the system renaming features though; those may not be functional at the moment.