1. S

      Silverback 1

      The Silverback mech is an old project where I wanted to test what the smallest dimension for a mostly functional mech-design is. It's 9 blocks high and about 11 blocks wide. The arms are turrets and can move independently. The legs are mounted on rails with the feet being doors, which get...
    2. Crashmaster

      Phallus CIWS Mech 1.0

      The Phallus CIWS mech is another 13m class mech joining the Toroito and the Toroito mass-production type. It mounts an AI controlled AMS turret on the right shoulder and carries a light bazooka with a co-axial machine gun, extra ammo on the right hip and a slat-armor shield. Also installed is...
    3. Crashmaster

      Memohachi 1.0

      An unarmed petite mech used for construction and salvage the Memohachi has very high thrust-to-mass, a tractor beam and exterior illumination. It is well suited for it main role in filling up an empty corner in a hanger.
    4. Crashmaster

      Toroito - transforming mech 1.0

      The Toroito had to fit a 13m tall hangar and transform. After two abandoned versions the result is acceptable. Has arm cannons, shoulder missile, remote to control access to a ships docking system, good thrust-to-mass and not much else. Torotio Transformation Shipyard post
    5. DeepspaceMechanic

      "Johnny Runner" mech suit - THE ANIMATED VARIANT v1

      Meet Johnny Runner! – A super compact StarMade mech suit, designed to actually enable Dave to run faster! Standing 22 meters tall (24 including his antennas), his size might be intimidating for Dave, but as far as StarMade robots go, he's almost as compact and cute as is physically possible on...
    6. klawxx

      Klawxx - Armag Assault Mech 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Anyone remember "Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri"? What about "Shattered Steel"? ...Seriously, am I that old? Dimensions: +Length: 8 m +Height 13 m +Width: 11 m Statistics: + Mass: 51.9 + Shields: 3,300 (300 s/sec.) + Power: 900 e/sec. (100%...
    7. DeepspaceMechanic

      KORTHEX - The Deepspace Mech v1.6

      KORTHEX The Deepspace Mech Please check this thing out in-game because the pictures/GIFs don't transmit the full magic of this mighty mechatronic exoskeleton! Try out the gun in the left hand and shoot some stuff with hotbar turret control. Have fun and share your impressions! ;D FUN-FACTS &...
    8. W

      Mech Pack (Dev version) 2018-01-18

      First of all, even if they scrap the current energy thing, the mechs will only need a sightly edit. Well, now to the mechs! First of them, the "Spearman" equiped with a (normal) shield and a beam/cannon, using a simple design! Now, the "Hoplite" inspired by the ancient greeks polis...
    9. ProfDriftwood

      MS-06a Zaku II (Type A: First Mass Production Type) 1.1

      This is the Old Power Version of the MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type) Please click the link above for more detail about the basic shell. I will update both postings fairly soon with more images. This is still mostly for RP purposes, as the main gun is very difficult to use. It...
    10. DeepspaceMechanic

      The Portal of the Samurai Guardians v1.2

      I already had the blueprint for the mechs and a template for the ring, and putting them together was a fun little low-effort job with epic results. Check out the original controllable version of the samurai guardians: SAMURAI MECH ...WITH A JETPACK! FEATURES: 150m inner diameter...
    11. DeepspaceMechanic


      Allow me to present one of my proudest StarMade creations, :sneaky: the Samurai Mech :sneaky: (Or you can call it Samurai J(etp)ack too, that was such a great cartoon series) I've been planning to build a mech ever since I saw a few really well-made ones here on the Dock. After I decided to...
    12. Crashmaster

      Bulldog atmosperic reentry mech 2017-09-14

      Most compact waverider-to-mech transformer though somewhat clunky transformation at times.
    13. AtraUnam

      Fulrent Mech 2017-08-20

      So a few caveats, due to the upcomming power update this mechs is presently a shell with the exception of mass enhancers and dockd thrust in the legs. As such if you want it to work you'll need to add more enhancers to allow the arm turrets to move. Additionally there is a little bare logic on...
    14. symbiot999


      I think It would be cool if we could be able to make differnt kinds of vechials like Mech to get around on planets. I also think it would be cool because then we also could have mech wars on planets. For example battle for homebases and things of that nature.
    15. DeepspaceMechanic


      WELCOME TO THE SHOWCASE THREAD OF CYBERSPACE SHIPYARDS! (A lore-less fictional company that builds perhaps as many non-ships as ships; things intensify as the thread progresses!) I've been playing the game since around August 2015. I approach StarMade as a creative game - I'm here to share...
    16. AtraUnam

      Brevis Mech 1.0

      The Brevis is a small mech designed for one thing and one thing only, to have a ridiculous amount of cool but pointless features: Frontal view in all its poorly lit glory 33% of this arms function is to flip the bird More intimidating from the back for some reason This mechs main...
    17. AtraUnam

      Easy edit mech frame 1.1

      So the idea of this is to be a barebones frame that people can use to easily build their own mechs, all the logic is pre-setup and wired to an easy to use logic board in the mech's back. Its very simple to setup a complicated animation, simply set up a chain of delay blocks and connect each...
    18. TheAcesGamble

      Spartan mech 2016-11-16

      Just a simple non-combat mech that I've been working on and decided to share with everyone. Its a fairly simple mech with not much detail, but I'm working on trying to become more comfortable with moving parts on mechs/ships. This is basically just a moving statue it might look cool to have one...
    19. AtraUnam

      Mech Turret 2016-11-10

      A mech themed RP turret made for Edymnion's 'Sexy Turret' competition, it features minor shields, 980dps and is completely self powering. Main view: When shields drop below 50% it throws up a forcefield: The base of the turret also features a small interior:
    20. Crashmaster

      Sazabi voxel grade 2016-10-12

      The shield has a pointy-end-facing missile-beam and AI as well as an area-triggered trio of missile-pulse on it's face. Both the shield and the heat hawk can be carrier recalled one at a time from the idle formation #1 (left) position.