1. Muffin_man17

      Muffin_Man17's Shipyard

      Hello everyone, Welcome to my shipyard! Here I will be posting my current work in progress builds along with sneak peeks of future builds and what you guys think of them. Little about myself, I started playing Starmade roughly early 2013 and was playing on and off. I really enjoyed just...
    2. Markus_McCloud

      Fleet / Armada Porn

      It has been FAR too long since I last posted! Hey everyone! Markus_McCloud here. I just wanted to make this thread to see if anyone has any good screenshots of your ships in formation! Whether it's a flagship with escorts or a proper space armada, please show off your fantastic ships in...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic


      WELCOME TO THE SHOWCASE THREAD OF CYBERSPACE SHIPYARDS! (A lore-less fictional company that builds perhaps as many non-ships as ships; things intensify as the thread progresses!) I've been playing the game since around August 2015. I approach StarMade as a creative game - I'm here to share...
    4. Captain Tankman

      Display Porn

      I'm surprised that this thread doesn't exist yet D: As many other showcase threads, post here your creations with display logic. I'll start off with my liltle 8-frame radar screen *animation is slower ingame Another idea I wanna try is some kind of animated pixel art as ship's AI
    5. DJ-Col7

      [Rogue Swarm] Envoy Ship 2016-02-27

      An Unarmed Envoy ship mainly for concepts of new detailing ideas. Made boxy simply for ease of placing detailing. Top and bottom halves of the ship are divided. You must exit and re-enter to move from the diplomatic area on the bottom to the crew area up top. Again this was mainly me showing...
    6. Criss

      Criss' Thread

      Hello! Aside from managing social media I work on a lot of the in-game assets that will be present in the StarMade universe. A few others and I will use this thread to show off the work being done on the latest builds and maybe tease future releases. We will also talk about the design...