1. A

      Coherent Server Snapshots?

      So I decided to try my hand at setting up some server management tooling (similar to what I did for Minecraft), and something I can't figure out is how to get coherent snapshots. What do I mean by "coherent"? Meaning that it is a specific snapshot in time, without the server interrupting...
    2. L

      Exception during server launch

      I'm trying to setup a small server to use with my friends using an old laptop running 32 bit lubuntu and openjdk 11. I'm able to install the game and I'm able to run de dedicated server script. But when it gets to the loading resources part of the launch I get a...
    3. TheDerpGamerX

      [PvP and RP] Skies of Eden StarMade Server

      Join Skies of Eden! We are a fast growing server dedicated to giving our players the best StarMade experience! We have custom events and passive mining station scripts. We will have custom NPC factions complete with lore and custom scripted interactivity. Pirates and NPCs will call for...
    4. Agogeps

      Recruiting Content Makers

      We are working hard on a star wars server, and are looking for a few good people to join our team. The salary sucks, but the creativity is pretty rewarding.
    5. Agogeps

      SR StarWars 24/7 Dedicated (SpaceRift)New Setting up

      Hey everyone, I know there aren't many players, but I have a server available that caters to Star Wars. The content is updated and includes ships and stations that will launch fighters. Here are some photos. Content is still being updated. Help is always appreciated. All stations are new...
    6. MrGrey1

      Running Your Debian Server in RAM

      This was a response to kiwispike in his thread but it got so long I decided to give it a thread of its own. It's a how to for setting up and running a StarMade server in a RAM drive on a Debian system. You will need a decent chunk of RAM, 8 gigs may suffice for a small server with nothing else...
    7. MacThule

      Why is Brierie so Popular

      Just curiosity. Because it should be replicated. To me, the fact that there are generally no mods, no chance for corruption, this is why I like Brierie. I hate the slow response and downtime, but I know I'm not alone because it has been super popular. Before 2.0 it was popular, after 2.0 it has...
    8. MilitantCollective

      Condition/Action Rulesets Thread

      So in an effort to streamline the process for Schema to add conditions/actions rather than us spamming up his inbox. Im going to create this thread to allow us to suggest additions to the lists. Just upvote the ones you all like.
    9. Nicodemus

      Universe Restoration

      I don't think this would apply to the server thread ,but if so lemme know. I'm having a terrible time finding a universe restoration thread anywhere. I've found one and it isn't working for me. So I figured to ask on a friends advice. So here's the problem. I've self hosted a server with...
    10. halsmaulmajo


      - - - C O R E U N I T . N E T - - - The official CoreUnit.NET starmade server is here. The server team is German but can speak English. The server is for everyone from every region of the world except "Dortmund":ROFLMAO:! On request and on demand we extend the number of slots. We also offer a...
    11. B

      Cannot connect to self made dedicated server

      I am trying to run a local server to play Starmade with my brother. We have three PCs so we are able to run a server and clients on different PCs as well as the same. We have run a dedicated server and tried connecting directly to the IP address:4242 and we have tried using Hamachi with a...
    12. Blaza612

      Hyper Light Starmade | Pre-Power 2.0 Server

      Official Discord: IP: Game Version: v0.199.654a (latest 2017 version) Region: Canada, Montreal Staff: Blaza612 Lachee Website: Hyperlight Starmade Legacy Server General Info: Hyper Light Starmade is the first legacy server that is dedicated to only the...
    13. Blaza612

      What do you guys think about a legacy server?

      UPDATE 1: We're looking at the latest 2017 version - v0.199.654 - for the server's version, though are waiting on more feedback before confirming UPDATE 2: The server is being actively worked on, the version above is now the confirmed version that will be used. ETA still unknown, but it is...
    14. oasisdog

      Additional Random Spawning System

      StarMade MOD / ARSS Additional Random Spawning System (The basic specifications are written on the MOD page, and know-how is written on this page) This MOD to add a new random spawn function to the game. Will make the universe more diverse and thrilling place. Depending on player's location...
    15. oasisdog

      Additional Random Spawning System 2.13

      >> More Information Thread: Additional Random Spawning System [Overview] This MOD adds a new spawn system to the game. It should be a great help to build a PvE server. Depending on the ingenuity it is possible to create a very diverse spawn model. [Features] For each sector type, you can...
    16. GermanGameMiner

      NPC Factions

      Hello, i have rent a Nitrado Starmade Server, the problem is the NPC-Factions dosnt work. i tries to replace the world database and the data folder from my local- it dosnt work. in the npcspawnconfig is the spawn on random. Thanks for help.
    17. TheDerpGamerX

      Exploration Based Server Concept

      (This is in the general section, because its less of a server and more of a concept right now) While I was in chat, a brilliant idea struck me. I've always believed StarMade needed more exploration mechanics. I want all those planets and systems and crap to actually have meaning. Thats why I...
    18. MrGrey1


      Any one able to provide further information or insight on this particular setting? `CHUNK_REQUEST_THREAD_POOL_SIZE_TOTAL = 10 //Thread pool size for chunk requests (from disk and generated)` Should it be based off of number of CPUs or is it related or proportional to...
    19. K

      How can I add the NPC factions to an existing server universe?

      Hello. I created a world on a home server (playing from a different computer, but for singleplayer use only so far), have played on it for a while, and just realized it is missing the three default factions. Pirates still show up, but the Outcasts, Scavengers and Trade Guild factions don't seem...
    20. Arcaner

      Starmade-Events: PvP Engagements, Specials

      I was on Chat with a couple of other guys, and I was struck by an idea. As I discussed it with them, it became evident a more formal suggestion had to be put forward. I don't play much on multiplayer (Ever since Redshift died, and later on CraftAu too) but after talking to others and viewing...