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    Additional Random Spawning System 2.13

    Server MOD / Make PvE

    1. oasisdog
      Game version:
      >> More Information Thread: Additional Random Spawning System

      This MOD adds a new spawn system to the game.
      It should be a great help to build a PvE server.
      Depending on the ingenuity it is possible to create a very diverse spawn model.

      • For each sector type, you can change the type of ship to be spawned.
      • The sector type can be defined by setting detailed matching conditions.
      • You can change the enemy ship you want to spawn according to the player's ship size.
      • Spawned enemies will despown after a certain time.


      (Windows Only)
      .NET Framework 4.5 or later​

      [Using Example]

      • If in a around the pirate station, Spawning a lot of strong enemy ships.
      • If in a territory of NPC Faction, Will not spawn enemies.
      • In a specified range of sectors, You can spawn many enemies or make safety area.
      • A enemy battleship only spawn when player ship with a size of over 100,000 blocks.
      • When a pirates is around the shop, Appears trading guild ship.

      [Spawn Mechanism Overview]

      1. Spawn counters are assigned to each player.
      2. Detect which sector type the current location of the player corresponds to.
      3. The tick set to the sector type is added to the spawn counter.
      4. When the spawn counter reaches the threshold, it is randomly selected from the set enemy wave groups.
      5. Depending on the size of the player's ship, the number of ships to be spawned is determined.
      6. The spawn counter is reset and a new threshold is randomly set.


      Using the in-game blueprint, the ship will spawning.
      Need prepare the ship and its blueprint in advance.​

      [Starting Guide]

      1. Place "StarMade ARSS.exe" in an arbitrary directory.
        (When you start up, data files are created in same place)

      2. Run "StarMade ARSS.exe". As the initial setting dialog is displayed, enter the StarMade installation path and press OK.

      3. The main control panel opens, then the StarMade server starts up. Players will be able to connect at this point.

      4. Open the menu's [Option] > [SectorType Settings]. Here, we define the type of sector based on the your rule.

      5. Press the "Create New" button.

      6. Set the "Matching Rule Details" opstion. This defines what sectors fall under this type.
        (Since the preset is prepared as a sample, please refer to it)

      7. Set the "Spawn Option Details" option. This is a setting related to the spawn counter, deciding how to proceed the spawn counter while in this type of sector.

      8. Press the OK button to save the sector type.

      9. After preparing multiple sector types, press the "Priority UP/Down" button and adjust the sorting order. If more than one sector type is matched, the order of priority is important because the one with the highest priority is applied.

      10. Close button to close the sector type setting dialog.

      11. Open the menu's [Option] > [SpawnShip settings]. Here we define the ship to spawn for each sector type.
        (By the way, any changes made to this dialog will be autosaved)

      12. In the combo box, select the sector type to edit.

      13. If you want to divert a spawn group that is set to another sector type, select it with an alias.

      14. Press the "Create NewGroup" button. (Ships will appear in units of spawn groups)

      15. Enter the parameters in the "GroupSettings".

      16. Select a ship from the blueprint list and add it to the group by pressing the "<<<" button. You can increase the ships by pressing button more than once. To remove it, select the ship and press ">>>" button.

      17. This completes the basic setup.

      18. You can forcibly execute spawns by selecting a player on the main control panel and pressing the "Force Spawn" button. Please test if it works as you intended.

      [Interface Guide]
      >>> Main Control Panel
      It is the main window of MOD. Information on the player who is logged in will be displayed.
      • Control -> Reload Blueprint
        If you updated the blueprint in the game, execute this menu and reload it.
      • Control -> Shutdown Server
        You can shut down the server, but it is better to do it from the "Shut Down Server" button on "StarMade Server Manager" UI.
      • Option -> SectorType Settings
        The sector type definition dialog opens.
      • Option -> SpawnShip Settings
        The spawn wave group definition dialog opens.
      • Control -> General Settings
        The common option dialog opens.
      • Force Spawn
        Select a player from the list and press this button to forcibly execute the spawn.
      • Running Log
        The MOD run log window is displayed.
      • Player Data
        You can check the connection time and the status of the spawn counter of all players.
      • Command Output
        Issue the Admin Command. Please use it at your own risk.
      >>> Sector Type Settings
      Sectors are classified based on rules. Here we define that rule.
      The set sector type is compared in order from the top, and the one corresponding to the first is adapted.
      This means that the order is very important.
      • SectorName
        Please name it. It is for display on the screen.
      • StarSystem OwnerType
        We narrow down based on the owner of the star system.
      • StarSystem Owner FactionID
        If you select a "Specific Faction" for the "StarSystem OwnerType", set the faction ID.
      • StarSystem Type
        We narrow down based on the type of the star system.
      • Sector Type
        We narrow down based on the type of the sector.
      • Sector Entity
        We narrow down by symbolic entity that exist in the sector. There can only be one symbolic entity. If more than one exists, those with lower priority are ignored. The priority is shop the highest, asteroid the lowest.
      • Sector Location
        Narrow down by the coordinates of the sector.
        "AbsoluteCoordinate" is specific fixed area.
        "DistanceFromSystemCenter" is applied to all starsystems respectively.
      • Sector Location RangeBegin/End
        Specify the coordinates of the start point and the end point of the fixed area.
      • Sector Location FromSystemCenter
        If 1 is specified, the center 2 x 2 x 2 range applies.
        If 4 is specified, the center 8 x 8 x 8 range applies.
        If 8 is specified, the entire star system applies.
      • Neighborhood Entity Type
        The "Neighbarhood Entity" is checks whether there are entities that match the condition in 27 sectors around the player (=loaded sector).
        You can determine if player are in battle or you can change the sector type if a enemy recon ship is present.
      • Neighborhood Entity FactionID
        We narrow down neighborhood entities by faction.
      • Neighborhood Entity Name
        We narrow down neighborhood entities by name prefix.
      • SpawnCounter Tick
        It is the amount to be added to the spawn counter in one second.
        Basically we will use Global Tick. Local Tick are reset when you move to another type of sector.
      • SpawnInterval TrialCalculation
        Approximate time it takes for the spawn counter to reach the threshold.
      • Sector Entering Bonus
        When entering the sector, add the bonus value to the spawn counter.
        If you move to another type sector, the bonus value will be lost.
      • Entering Bonus Incidence
        The probability that a bonus will occur.
      • Entering Bonus Value
        The remaining time to the spawn decreases by the specified percentage. It is randomly chosen from max to min.
      • Entering Bonus Interval
        If a spawn occurs with a bonus granted, it will take time until the next bonus is granted.
      >>> Spawn Group Settings
      Set what kind of ship will spawn in each sector type.
      Ships spawn in group units, and which group is chosen is randomly determined based on the weight value.
      You can compare the total blocks of the player ship and the in-group ships and exclude from the spawn according to the ratio. This allows you to change the ship to be spawned according to the size of the ship of the player.
      • Select Editing Sector
        Select the sector type you want to edit.
      • Use Alias
        If you want to use a spawn group that is set to another sector type, select that sector type.
      • Faction ID
        Faction id to assign to the ship.
      • Spawn Weight
        The probability of being selected is determined according to the magnitude of the weight value of each spawn group.
        slelection rate = weight of this group / total weight of all groups
      • Max Squad Scale Multiplier
        If the player's ship is large, Spawn is repeatedly performed with this value as the upper limit.
        (The spawn will be discontinued even if the total number of blocks of the spawned ship extends to the number of blocks of the player's ship)
      • Upper/Lower Limit of Block Ratio
        Depending on the size of the player's ship, it is a function to narrow down the spawn group.
        The number of blocks of ships registered in the spawn group is compared with the number of blocks of the player's ship, and if the ratio exceeds the set value, it is excluded from the spawn candidate.
      • Blueprints
        It is a list of blueprints registered in the game. By selecting from the list and pressing the "<<<" button, you can add the ship to the spawn group. To increase the number of ships, please press it multiple times. To decrease the number of ships, press the ">>>" button.
      >>> General Settings
      Make common settings.
      • Squad Scaling Limitter / Upper Limit Block Ratio
        The number of ships to spawn is automatically adjusted. It is until one of the following conditions is reached.
        - Reached the "Max Squad Scale Multiplier".
        - Reached the "Squad Scaling Limitter".

        Here we set the latter.
        First multiply the total number of blocks of the player's ship by "Upper Limit of Block Ratio". And if the total number of blocks of the spawned ship exceeds it, the spawn is aborted.
        (However, the set ratio is not used as it is. To increase the diversity of the game, the value is randomly increased or decreased)
      • Group Selecting Limitter
        When the "Upper/Lower Limit of Block Ratio" is set as the default in the "Spawn Group Settings", the value set here will be applied.
      • Spawn Count Threshold
        The threshold of the spawn counter is randomly determined, but its upper and lower limits and median can be set.
        Changing this value will affect the spawn interval for all sector types.
      • Spawned Ship / Lifetime
        The upper limit of the activity time of the spawned ship.
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