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    Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by halsmaulmajo, Dec 26, 2018.

    1. halsmaulmajo

      Jul 21, 2016
      - - - C O R E U N I T . N E T - - -
      The official CoreUnit.NET starmade server is here.
      The server team is German but can speak English.
      The server is for everyone from every region of the world except "Dortmund":ROFLMAO:!
      On request and on demand we extend the number of slots.
      We also offer a teamspeak, discord, and a minecraft service...
      Visit our website for more information:
      Welcome - C O R E U N I T . N E T

    2. Tsnonak

      Tsnonak Let's_Kautsch!

      Dec 14, 2014
      Hello, I was recently on your server, Discord (com was denied), no Infos on the website...
      It left me confused and wondering.

      Contact me for diplomatic negotiations if you're interested...

      >>Message Ende