StarBridge 1.3.5

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    Provides a link between your server and discord. Players can use /link in-game to get a code for linking their discord account to their player.

    Once you've installed the mod and ran it for the first time, modify the fields in config.yml to your server. You will need a webhook for the channel and a discord bot application. Additionally, for the bot-avatar and chat-webhook fields, you must exclude https:// from the link as any additional colons will mess up the config reader.
    The channel-id field is for the id of the server to in-game chat channel. StarBridge commands used in this channel will automatically be cleaned up after they are used to prevent command spam.

    Once you've run the mod for the first time, look for message-config.txt in moddata/StarBridge/data/<UniverseName>. You can change the messages that appear from server events here. The placeholders are pretty much self explanatory.

    This mod is for servers only, meaning clients do not need to install it when joining. Additionally, the server MUST be on Java 8 in order for the discord functionality to work. Clients don't need Java 8 to connect, only the server does.
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    Latest updates

    1. Version 1.3.5 Release

      Bug Fixes: Fixed formatting display issue with hours played field in PlayerData. Added...
    2. Version 1.3.4 Release

      Changelog: Minor message formatting changes
    3. Version 1.3.3 Release

      Bug Fixes: Fixed issue with in-game commands not being registered.