1. IR0NSIGHT

      Bulldog corvette 1.0

      The bulldog is a medium sized missile corvette, outfitted with 2 fastfire turrets. Theres not much lore or anything else surrounding it, i built it out of boredom. It was built from a very old ship by Ramorill, which i butchered and completely changed its appearance. The ship has a full (even...
    2. abigmac

      Atalan Class Scanner frigate 0.5

      Haven't been able to play in a few years but here's my latest ship. the systems and interior are incomplete as i'm waiting for the power changes to finally stop as every time i log in my ships no longer work lol I t has many point defence turrets, cannon turrets and a few missile turrets. It...
    3. Type O

      O Frigate - Diablo mk6_5 ONCE 2020-07-31

      >>> QF Ready <<< mk6_7 has been released Recon missile frigate with landing-gear, cargo-lift and basic FTL; comes with 2 cargo-containers, 2 FTL pods & 2 Cloaked Pods. A reconstruction of the Aegis Hammerhead from Star Citizen. __Weapons: 6x Missile-Beam (1110 Heat), 8x Beam-turrets...
    4. psteiner

      Cassidy Class Frigate v1.0

      A 22k mass mid-sized frigate with cannons and missiles and forcefields for pseudo-shields. Its just a really pretty ship that I made and wanted to share. Comes with USD compliant docks with faction access, a small transporter pad, and a turning-focused thruster balance.
    5. DeepspaceMechanic

      Geezer-class frigate (SHELL WITH TURRETS) v1

      This is the semi-empty shell version of this ship: Geezer-class frigate It comes with two offensive turrets (730-module basic beams) and five AMS turrets (30/30 cannon-cannon). It has very minimal interior, including two functional airlocks, a core room and a cockpit. It also contains...
    6. DeepspaceMechanic

      Geezer-class frigate v1

      Frigate-sized warship, built specifically for QuickFire configs. Note: you can find all of its internal protective filling by searching for Yellow Basic Armor with the "highlight blocks in dropdown" option; hull's inner lining consists of yellow standard and orange advanced. Download its shell...
    7. DylChill616

      Vindicator-Class Star Frigate (WIP) 1

      The ship isn't really too useful, it is just a model. It can just fly but that's pretty much it. I need to add a weapons system and maybe a few other things. It took around 2 days to build, yet it isn't complete lol. It's a work in progress so expect updates. Thanks!
    8. joshspaceboy

      J-Tech Industries

      Welcome To J-Tech Industries!!! Who are we: J-Tech Industries is a large industrial company (Which has no imperial asperations whatsoever :D) with the goal of creating some of the best ships in the galaxy. J-Tech prides itself on having some of the most functional ships that look decent, both...
    9. joshspaceboy

      Pathway Class Shield Frigate 2019-12-27

      J-Tech Industries presents a new frigate for defense, the Pathway Class. This ship is meant for escorting bigger ships or defending stations until a larger fleet arrives. The Pathway Class sits at 9,999 mass (not including turrets), and is both agile and well shielded with over a million shield...
    10. The Boiling Tea-pot

      Horus cargo hauler 2019-08-24

      This ship.... Originally made in the Blackheart server. Its a small cargo hauler named Horus or thats what it says. It was made in a time of struggle and desperation so i made the best thing i coud. Equipped: with mining beams and a cannon. It also has 1 turret on the bottom and 4 extra slots on...
    11. The Boiling Tea-pot

      Condor 2019-08-22

      This is my beauty a creation that i spent two days on. Its filled with my limited expirience. The front is where the mass driver cannon and the damage beam is located. Rest of the ship is filled with the small minimalistic interior, shields and generators. I tried my hardest but i didnt...
    12. E

      Phantom Alpha - Star Variant A

      2c5c291046844f7dbaf3e2aec230c9c2 Phantom Alpha Star by AdmiralEsarai on Sketchfab ————————————————————————————————— === WayStar Naval Directorate === ————————————————————————————————— Office of Strategic Intelligence Asset Capabilities Report Subject: 'Alpha' class, Star Variant Clearance...
    13. Dragonslayer918

      ESS Valkyria-class Frigate 2019-06-10

      Replacing old custom-built starships and re-purposed transports previously used as warships by the Europican Empire, the Valkyria-class was designed and fabricated at Euros Shipyards to act as a long-distance strike and patrol craft. Housing up to 8 active crew at a time with 10 more in...
    14. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Resurgent II-class Frigate V1.0

      Resurgent II-class Frigate Detailed further here: Resurgent-class The Resurgent II-class is a class of fairly small, medium-warp warships designed by the PlazWorks company and operated by the military of the Trident Foundries. The Resurgent II-class is a general purpose warship, capable of...
    15. Scypio

      UNSC Class Paris frigate ; "The Lucky Punk" 2019-02-03

      Unzip and drop the content of the folder into your blueprints folder. This beauty took me more time than expected to finish but i am happy to present this 1:1 UNSC Paris class frigate. I took the shell from this guy here and worked from it. So all credits goes to him for the base shell. From...
    16. DeepspaceMechanic


      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents its latest frigate-sized spaceship. A few noteworthy features: A funky hull of standard-tier alloy with several extra armor plates overlapping the main body Two USD airlocks with docked doors and "working" pressure gauges 2.5 thrust-mass ratio + a speed...
    17. 100mil cannon

      SMC Intruder Class Frigate 2018-11-03

      Support frigate. probably best used in numbers of about 4 for a fleet, but is great for solo travel. it has jump distance 3 and plenty of cargo space, as well space for passengers.
    18. klawxx

      Klawxx - Minmatar Slasher 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Minmatar Slasher, Minmatar fast frigate, from Eve Online. The Slasher is cheap, but versatile. It's been manufactured en masse, making it one of the most common vessels in Minmatar space. The Slasher is extremely fast, with decent armaments, and...
    19. jstenholt

      Chicago_Class_Missile_Frigate_mkVI 2018-09-20

      Here's a small frigate with a rapid fire cannon, lock on missiles, and swarm missiles. There's a small interior and at the rear of the ship is a bit of unused space for reactor customization.
    20. jstenholt

      Hanoi_Class_Mining_Frigate 2018-09-19

      A medium sized mining frigate with absolutely no armament, a full, but modest interior, and a serviceable cargo bay. Works great as a fleet miner and it's constructed almost entirely with early-game materiel.