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    Aug 15, 2018
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    Welcome To J-Tech Industries!!!

    Who are we: J-Tech Industries is a large industrial company (Which has no imperial asperations whatsoever :D) with the goal of creating some of the best ships in the galaxy. J-Tech prides itself on having some of the most functional ships that look decent, both inside and out, while still packing impressive firepower. Right now we are going through some massive changes on our posted ships so basically every ship you see on our chart will be updated or isn't complete yet. We have our own standard of ship design and unique classifications based on ship mass. J-Tech also has many non combat ships in development and a complete civilian line in the works. If you want ships that look great and fight great, J-Tech industries will not disappoint. Another goal of J-Tech industries is to help make this game as best as it can be. Even if I only contribute a little bit, this game is worth it. Hope you enjoy my content!

    Droid fighter - Status: This ship is complete. It is a small fighter meant to be used on the droid carrier.
    Droid Bomber - Status: This ship is complete. It is a small bomber meant to be used on the droid carrier.
    Digbug Miner - Status: This ship is complete. It is a small mining vessel that is usually carried in exploration ships. Ok starting ship.
    Eagle Starfighter Mk.1 - Status: This ship is complete. A light starfighter with powerful Cannon Beam snipers.
    Beam Fighter - Status: This ship is complete. A very light interceptor for taking on only the smallest of ships.

    Eagle Starfighter MK.2 - Status: Complete. A more powerful version of the mk.1
    Woodpecker Interceptor - Status: Complete. A Interceptor with fast firing guns meant to take out ships around its own size or smaller.
    Parrot Class Shuttle - Status: Incomplete. A shuttle that can transport 20 people in concept
    Heron Class Salvager - Status: Complete. A small mining vessel that is great for the early game.
    Cardinal Class Heavy Fighter - Status: Complete. A heavy fighter meant to take out smaller fighters.
    Hawk Class Heavy Multirole Fighter - Status: Incomplete. A heavy fighter with a customizable loadout to fit the needed role
    Robin Class Recon Fighter - Status: Posted. Currently on Starmade dock. A long range recon fighter meant to go alongside exploration vessels.
    Wave Class Torpedo Bomber - Status: Complete. A powerful nuke bomber for striking large ships hard and fast.
    Import Class Light Freighter - Status: Incomplete. Moves cargo.

    Stork Class - Status: Complete. A Minimg Ship that doubles as a freighter.
    Adamant Class - Status: Complete. A powerful attacking frigate great at destroying ships around is size.
    Pathway Class - Status: Posted on Starmade
    Nebula Class Recon Frigate - Status: Complete. An exploration frigate with sensor tech.
    Construct Class Logistics Frigate - Status : Complete. It can repair ships and place mines. It also helps serve other ships in the fleet.
    Tsunami Class Spacesub - Status: Complete. A powerful cloaked torpedo launcher.
    Circuit Class Corvette - Status: Complete. A small frigate meant to escort larger ships.
    Starstreaker Class Corvette - Status: Deciding.

    Terraignis Class World Devastator. Status: Complete. A large ship containing over 70 Vehicles for a land invasion.
    Broadsword Class - Status: Incomplete
    Will be a Destroyer with multiple turrets meant to help protect bigger ships from smaller threats
    Boulevard Class - Status: Incomplete
    A large Shield Frigate for soaking in fire.
    Conqueror Class - Status: Incomplete
    An attacking ship that is the primary interdiction ship of the J-Tech fleet.
    Constellation Class - Status: Incomplete
    An exploration ship meant to explore the galaxy and conduct research.
    Vacuum class - Status: Incomplete
    The main mining ship of the J-Tech fleet.
    Assimilation Class - Status: Incomplete
    A droid Carrier that can hold around 32 droid drones.
    Vortex Class - Status: Incomplete
    A powerful submarine with rapid fire nukes and a powerful laser all while cloaked.
    Export Class - Status: Incomplete. the main freighter of J-Tech.

    Starbolt Class. Status: Progressing.A massive cruiser with a Gatling gun missle launcher
    Gateway Class - Status: Refitting.
    A powerful, heavily shielded defense ship. It also has a few fighter bays.
    Fusion Class - Status: Refitting. A powerful battlecruiser meant to attack with deadly beams and missiles.
    Horizon Cass - Status: Incomplete
    A massive battleship and ship of the line. It has only one goal, to destroy.
    Void Class - Status: Complete.
    An enormous mining ship which can obliterate a planet in a few seconds.
    Habbakuk class - Status: Incomplete
    A gigantic carrier meant for being a fleet in one ship.

    The Lion's Heart, Universal Class Flagship - Status: In progress. The Flagship for the J-Tech fleet. It can single handedly take on any threat in the universe. It has an impressive interior and over 1000 crew. It also has an entire fleet in it’s hanger bay.
    The Judgement Class - Status: Inconclusive. A secret 1 mile long supership. It was so large that it was canned when it was discovered the current shipyard computer couldn’t handle its size.

    J-Tech Outpost Status: Complete Space Station Size Comparison.png
    J-Tech Homeworld Outpost.
    An outpost in the homeworld system.
    J-Tech Deep Space Outpost- Status: Incomplete. A typical research outpost on the edge of the galaxy and beyond.
    J-Tech Civilian Hub- Status: Incomplete
    A small city hub made by J-Tech industries for real estate.
    J-Tech Dyson Sphere- Status: In Progress. The big money maker for J-Tech industries. It is estimated that one Dyson sphere could hold 100,000,000,000,000 people. J-Tech builds them using their star forge and sells land to overpopulated species.
    J-Tech HomeworldStatus: In progress.
    The center of operations for the J-Tech company. It is massive and houses the most luxurious city in the galaxy.
    J-Tech Defense Hub- Status: Incomplete
    A defensive platform for blowing stuff up.
    J-Tech Test Facility- Status: In Progress
    A massive multiplayer ground map, based on halo type maps.
    J-Tech Hanger Array- Status: Incomplete
    A massive hanger array where a fleet can be stationed.
    J-Tech Factory- Status: Incomplete
    A medium sized factory for building the finest machines in the world.
    J-Tech Super Factory- Status: In progress. A massive factory capable of building anything.
    J-Tech Warp Gate Status: Complete.
    A warp gate so big it can launch any ship in the J-Tech fleet with the exception of the Judgement.
    J-Tech Small ShipyardStatus: Complete
    A small shipyard for building fighters and small corvettes.
    J-Tech Shipyard- Status: Incomplete. A shipyard for making small and large frigates.
    J-Tech Starforge- Status: Incomplete. A shipyard that can build any ship excluding the judgment using the power of a star.

    There are also a few bounty hunter and pirate ships on the way.

    In The future I'll be adding police and civilian lines to this post as well. Thank you for stopping by at J-Tech!
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    Aug 15, 2018
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    J-Tech Industries Update Log #1

    I have been working a lot more hours due to the Christmas season and I start another semester at school on the 23rd so my time will be limited. I am working on several big projects at the moment, but for now I have decided to go ahead and finish everything but the systems on my flagship. My flagship is a massive titan over 1km long by about 450w and 450h. I have finished about 50% of the interior which is very large and has a room for basically anything you think you would want. Some examples include research bays, 6 grav laser tag, a pool and exercise room, a massive brig and execution room, and holodecks to name just a few.
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    I think you have your figures wrong about the Burj khalifa. It is 828 meters tall not 297 meters. But still your ships look pretty cool, and they must have taken a long time to build! So what is your major at the University?

    Aug 15, 2018
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    I think you have your figures wrong about the Burj khalifa. It is 828 meters tall not 297 meters. But still your ships look pretty cool, and they must have taken a long time to build! So what is your major at the University?

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    Lol I didn't see this until now. I noticed the mistake a little while ago but haven't gotten around to fixing it. I have absolutely no idea where those numbers came from haha! As an architecture connoisseur it is super embarrassing and I should have immediately known something was wrong with my numbers. Thanks for the correction. I'm actually going to a seminary and studying Student Ministry there.
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    Aug 15, 2018
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    Quick update on what I have been doing. I took a large break for school hoping the game would be finished by the end of the year, but I see that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. In the meantime I have almost completely redone my entire fleet and am currently working on the bigger projects which take a lot more time. I'll be posting a lot of what I have finished soon and update my page to reflect my current work.
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