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    The Galaxy Song is a 418-meter long multi-purpose frigate built with Role-Play in mind. It can be manned by one person, and has beds for 25, but this ship could reach role-play potential with a crew of 1 captain and 5 gunners. In my humble opinion, this ship surpasses my previous builds in every conceivable way. Let's get right into some stats!

    (*note: this ship is basically a shell. It comes with weapons and power and shields but these are easy to remove and tailor as y'all see fit)
    Length: 418m
    Width: 137m
    Height: 128m
    Mass: 77k
    Shields: 8.9 million
    Thrust Ratio: 2.1


    The construction of the Galaxy Song was inspired by naval vessels, but has its own distinct shape; in addition to three main beam turrets on the top and bottom of the ship, each side has a large flexible cannon turret, 2 small rapid-fire turrets, and 4 AMS turrets. The 5 large turrets-- 3 beam, 2 cannon-- are all accessible from inside the vessel. The entry points to the ship are located at the farthest point on either side, and are fit with Universal Standard Docking. There's also a USD-equipped shuttle, the Sonnet, which launches from the underside of the ship.
    Additionally, The Galaxy Song features a full interior, with dozens of rooms (some functional, most decorative) spanning 8 floors. Floors can be traversed via a central elevator, with a backup staircase connecting Decks 1-5. Top to bottom, The ship includes:

    • 8
      • Bridge
    • 7
      • Core Room
    • 6
      • Bridge Turret Access
    • 5
      • Common Area (upper level)
      • Med Bay
      • Conference Room
      • Captain's Quarters
      • Guest Quarters
    • 4
      • Common Area / mess hall
      • Kitchen
      • Front Turret Access
      • Crew Quarters (+ showers)
      • Gym (track + pool)
    • 3
      • Lab
      • Hydroponics Bay / greenhouse
      • Tactical Bridge
      • Engineering (upper level)
    • 2
      • Entry Hall
      • Side Turrets' access
      • Engineering (main level)
      • Server Room
      • Teleporter Room
    • 1
      • Shuttle Launch
      • Storage Bay
      • Bottom Turret Access
      • Detention Cells

    I'm incredibly happy with how this project turned out. This ship was a ton of fun to build, and I hope you have just as much fun flying/exploring/modifying it!



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    Nicely done!
    the scale of this thing is massive! well l done!

    this ship reminds of me of stuff I've drawn of cross sections of larger ships I've wanted to make in the past, but sadly never got around, becasue the scale was a bit much.

    you, however created not only a multiple role mothership, but you've also designed Vessel that through looks alone is intimidating, never mind the killing power of its turrets.

    overall, this is a design that feels like a navy ship that thought of everything, both in form and function.