O Frigate - Diablo mk6_5 ONCE

    O Frigate - Diablo mk6_5 ONCE 2020-07-31

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    >>> QF Ready <<< mk6_7 has been released
    Recon missile frigate with landing-gear, cargo-lift and basic FTL; comes with 2 cargo-containers, 2 FTL pods & 2 Cloaked Pods.
    A reconstruction of the Aegis Hammerhead from Star Citizen.

    6x Missile-Beam (1110 Heat), 8x Beam-turrets (1905 EM)
    Reactor 41,099 : 41,083 Stabilizers (4,520,230e/sec)
    Shield Enhancement; Low Damage Resistance 2, Shield Capacity 2, Shield Outage Redux 2
    Short Range Scanner; Duration Permanent, Strength 5, Power Efficiency 3
    Reactor Enhancement, Jump Drive Base
    Recharge HP/sec 31,191 : 21,105,000 Capacity HP
    __Thrust/Mass Ratio: 2.0
    __Turning Speed: 0.2, 0.2, 0.2

    1. Face the Core-room display > Press R > type in the password "once" (this will delete the existing display; this is fine) > OK > Press the Small-button thats underneath > the rail-door should open.
    To change the password; use the "blank-looking display", via access-door in the bridge-ceiling (its a level-below the shipcore room)
    2. Remember to use left/right arrow-key to switch camera.
    3. Landing-gear logic runs for awhile and will auto shutdown, so dont spam the inner-ship-remote on the hotbar. (cargo-lift will auto-retract every time because the rear landing-gear clips the cargo-hatch.)
    4. You can control the cargo-lift via small-buttons at 3 locations; the cargo-area, cargo-platform, right rear landing-gear.
    5. Cargo-containers have to use the lift-platform (green or blue) via docking-beam, to get in & out; cant
    manually fly it in since the lifting-arms get in the way.
    6. With Pods, theres 2 rail pickup points to help assist with docking or launching; but its not full auto.
    7. Change the shipcore loading-screen to say Welcome "your-name"; on right-hand-side of the black-room is nine displays > press R on the bottom-front display > it should be like the one below ↓ > simply overwrite your name into it > OK.

    Type O
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    1. mk6_7 - fixes and changes

      1. turret-barrel was missing 2 wedge-blocks. 2. lights clipping player at the oxygen-garden...

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    Very well done. Have a showcase:
    Type O
    Type O
    Cool thanks for the showcase video, looks like I've a few things to fix & tweak.

    - With the cargo-platform I placed the Up-button on the other side because it felt odd having the "upwards" button on the bottom; I will revise the location.
    - My main-thrusters are based on the XRS-2200 linear aerospike design, you can found it on Youtube its very sci-fi looking.
    - The rail-blocks above the doors is just for looks; it always felt odd how the door just opens and disappears.
    - Im still on the fence about gravity-modules, its situations like you'd @ 16:05 that annoys me in starmade, its why I dont have them.
    - Theres a pause in the landing-gear procedure because it has to wait for the cargo-platform to retract everytime (fixed timer); rear L-gear clips the cargo-hatch. Waiting also makes sure everything is in position before that tricky double inverse rotation.
    Got a chance to explore this excellent ship. The hull shape is marvelous, no single area was left untouched. Interesting turrets, nice deployable landing gead (I wish we had a planet to land on using those!) and a cargo elevator. Finding a hatch caused no problems (although the location of a USD is controversial at best since you’ll need a pretty long docking tube to dock this beauty to anything) but the surprise waited inside. No control over airlock procedures? Well, taking into account the quality of landing gear stuff and some other ship systems I’ll talk about later that was a huge and rather unpleasant surprise. Even more – the ship seems to lack any gravity generators, be them manual or automatic.
    Following down the hallway (a pretty boring and undetailed one, should I say. The ship’s corridors are pretty much not decorated as a whole, so no more mentioning that), I was met with a huge ceiling-mounted minigun turret supposed to fend off boarders. Nice touch, should I note. The area with the turret leads to a pretty nice cantina (loved the oven and a huge thumbs up for the jukebox) and some U-shaped living quarters.
    Crew cabins are really nice, with all that furniture and excellent spacious crew bunks. Officer quarters are even better. Guess, I’ll be stealing some ideas ;-) The bathrooms not so much, though, mostly due to strange design of toilets and sinks. I’d use a wedge or a slab for those, or at least hide functional blocks behind slabs.
    In the middle of the crew quarters is the true gem of the ship – her bridge. The author created an interactive neural interface for his pilots, with a nice GUI and nav marks to ease the control of the ship. All information is conveniently relayed to a large multi-layer holoscreen, and I am afraid ot imagine what logic operates it. The GUI seems to be triggered by a proximity sensor instead of a button, and that adds to immersion too
    Walking past the officer rooms, you get into more functional area, consisting of a Hangar with cargolift and all the small ships (containers and drones), the brig, the medbay, the Combat Information Centre and logic core (not discussing it here, but direct access to logic is always great). The hangar is pretty nice (same boring bland walls, but the contents are very pleasing), the drones (or “pods” are well-built and pretty useful. Containers and main cargo area could use some more work though. The brig is mediocre at best, but what would you expect from one? The medbay is rather nice, somewhat lacking the equipment, but pretty much functional. The CIC is another well-designed area, full of display-art, but somewhat lacking on block-art just as many other ship areas (mixing and matching wedges and slabs will definitely add to its looks).
    Opposite of the canteen is the very much similar area dedicated to plant growth and some recreation (a pool). The pool area is done pretty well, but the grow plots… Something very whong happened there with lights. Namely, the character gets stuck in them very easily, and I had a hard time getting out… Definitely needs urgent fixing. The corridor then leads to another airlock on the opposite side of the ship.
    Was very surprised not to find an engine room anywhere on the ship. It seems that either author forgot about it or it was omitted on purpose to provide more space for systems. Otherwise I can summarize that the ship’s interior is rather good and preasant to explore.
    The ship as a whole can be rated 5 stars easily. It is not hard to see how much work did author put in his creation. Exceptionally nice work, Type O! Can’t wait to see even more of your creations!!!
    Type O
    Type O
    Thanks for all the feedback; in the next revision I will fix the oxygen-garden lights problem. Also just realised the turret-barrels are missing a wedge block near the bottom-rear, got to fix that too.

    I can definitely update the look of the cargo-area & CIC room a little ( I didnt even use the other console colours in CIC >_<) but Im leaving the corridors alone though, i like them minimalist.

    Never really liked using gravity-units much, it doesnt make you move faster and usually just makes you free-fall out of the ship when youve forgotten about it. Logic-airlocks are like a speed-bumps they always get in my way, the ship is already pretty logic-heavy so Im not sure if it can handle more.
    But it should be possible to DIY one in if you want, only shield-caps surround the air-lock areas.

    Thanks again for the review.