Game version
    v0.202.16 (DevBuild with QuickFire configs)
    Geezer image.png

    Frigate-sized warship, built specifically for QuickFire configs.

    Note: you can find all of its internal protective filling by searching for Yellow Basic Armor with the "highlight blocks in dropdown" option; hull's inner lining consists of yellow standard and orange advanced.

    Download its shell version here: SHELL WITH TURRETS

    Class name randomly inspired by an all-around-rock'n'roll geezer from Manchester ...Oasis 4ever!

    • level-150 reactor
    • 7-layer standard + 4-layer advanced frontal armor
    • six-output machine gun as main continuous weapon
    • dual-output charging beam for shield draining
    • two offensive turrets
    • five AMS turrets
    • chambers:
      • base armor enhancement
      • speedboost (lvl3)
      • jumpdrive autocharge and multicharge (lvl3)
    31,500 mass
    1.5mill e/s reactor output

    2.2 thrust-mass-ratio, 217 m/s top speed
    3mill HP shield capacity, 30K HP/s net recharge

    Cannon-Cannon (2400/2400): 33K DPS, no tertiary effect
    Beam-Missile-EM (2500/2500/1875): 75% electromagnetic effect, ambiguous shield draining power

    Offensive turrets: 730-module basic beam, 70K damage per burst
    AMS turrets: 30/30-module cannon, 410 DPS

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