1. klawxx

      Klawxx - Hammerfall (Dominion) Planetary Assault Cruiser 1.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Hammerfall Planetary Assault Cruiser (P.A.C.) - It's time to invade some planets. Let the Hammer FALL!!! We are above the law... Let our power show... That we're in full control of YOUR destiny... :LOL::LOL::LOL: The Hammerfall is a vessel...
    2. I

      Cerberus Cruiser 2019-09-19

      Hi! This is my completed version of the Cerberus cruiser, part of my Cerberus Fleet pack. Best Suited for roleplay purposes. Thanks!
    3. aceface

      Sacrilege Heavy Assault Cruiser v1

    4. aceface

      Kestrel Cruiser from FTL v1

      The ship looks like this in the game: In StarMade: Some art subset games had of it in 3d, which was the main source to turning the 2d ship into 3d. Docked at the Fortune Hunters homebase on the xdrx starmade EU vanilla server: The ship is a multipurpose ship. Features: - Internal...
    5. I

      Cerberus Cruiser + General Update 2019-07-10

      The blueprint uploaded here is my version of the Cerberus cruiser(s) from Mass effect 3. It is an extremely rough model with an interior and weapons, and I pretty much just put it together to make sure I got the wings correct since they were the hardest part for me. I will absolutely be...
    6. Zilvs

      A collection of old or forgotten projects

      I used to be more active in this community up to late 2017, and I kept my eye on the game and community during my inactivity. I thought about returning for a few months now. So, in a fit of nostalgia fueled reemergence, I dug through my blueprints and found a number of old projects I had...
    7. Diarmuid

      La Tene Cruiser 2019-01-18

      My first ship since power 2.0 that doesn't look like a toaster or string cheese. The Mide Corporation presents the La Tene class raiding cruiser. Designed for evasive strikes and quick clean up operations. More details to come as I put the finishing touches on the interior and possibly...
    8. Daniszen

      Stargate Wraith Cruiser WIP

      Hello again, decided on a smaller side project now that the Lantean Battleship is almost complete, really need a break from that thing every now and then to keep sane. So I decided to make a Wraith cruiser from the Stargate franchise as well, it will hopefully be a match for the battleship in...
    9. joshspaceboy

      Fusion Class Battle Cruiser 2018-09-23

      Welcome to J-Technical Industries, Home of the future. The Fusion Class Battle Cruiser is the main assault ship of the J-Tech Fleet. It's focus on power and strength allow it to shear through its opponents. The Battlecruiser has been tested out against my dreadnaught which runs a 50m...
    10. Xpertice

      Big Dipper Cruiser 1.0

      With the new weapons and power updates, I've had trouble even trying to design ships. This is my best attempt at it. It comes with a massive array of salvage modules, an array of orange cannons that are very spammy when volley-fired, doing upwards of 3600 DPS, a swarmer missile tube (these...
    11. valcor777

      Farpoint Class Hull v0.201.126

      this hull took a bit of time on and off to complete. using Omegagame's excesior refit model (can be found here i stripped the rest of the hull away apart from the saucer section and created the rest. this is just a hull made...
    12. Spartan-228

      Wyvern class Light Cruiser Mk1

      The Wyvern class is the back bone of the Urivican capital fleet and can be found throughout the kingdom protecting it citizens from pirates, possible enemy invasions, or just providing assistance to stranded ships. Remember guys, if you want quality, go Legion Adeptus.;)
    13. StarGuy1701

      UCIV 3-Ship Pack (WIP) v1.2.1: (Weapons Update)

      v1.2: Systems and Weapons Update v1.2.1: Systems and Weapons Update [/SPOILER] Hello again Starmade Community! Jim here, also known as Starguy1701, is back with 3 new ships that implements the recent Game Updates such as the new Power and Weapons Update. These ships are still WIP. However, In...
    14. M

      Rouge-class Cruiser 2018-05-03

      After a long hibernation, a new ship emerges from the factories... A Heavy Cruiser, Rouge Class, filled to the brim with top notch defensive and offensive technologies. Main armaments are 86 missile silos seperated into 6 volleys, 4 heat seeking and 2 lock-on, along with a...
    15. Shiniyami

      Warhammer 40k Instigator cruiser v0.200.334

      This is a cruiser I built to show my love for the game and my love for warhammer 40k. Some of the ams turrets are missing but it shouldn't be too difficult to add those. Personally I just really like how this ship turned out.
    16. Lockerd

      Warhammer 40,000 Dictator Class [SHELL] 2018-02-08

      This is but one of many shells I'm going to be uploading to the site. The Starmade 40K server has long since gone down, unfortunatley. So I got permission to upload some basic shells, and I'll be uploading older modified ships from both the combat ready variants and the visual variants. For...
    17. Dragonslayer918

      AUTOMATON Cruiser 1.0

      They built us long ago, and sent us on a mission from beyond the stars. We fought many enemies, and I lost many of my comrades. But after a while, the orders came to us fewer and fewer. Then, the one day the orders stopped coming. None of us combat ships knew what to do. We were lost. Many...
    18. virtue1987

      Free World League Cruiser 2017-12-03

      This ship was build when i was Part of the Faction Free World League. Since i wanted to add my own contribution, i designed and build a ship in the same style as the main fleet. And this is the result of it. Sadly it never saw any action on the Server. So i decided to released this ship since...
    19. NaStral

      Ananiel/Baal Berith Class Guided Missile Cruiser [Legacy] .0199.654

      The Ananiel/Baal Berith is a dedicated warship optimized for delivering long range missile strikes in support of a task force. Much like my other designs, it is a speed oriented, soft skinned vessel which relies on it's shields and careful piloting to remain out of harms way. It's secondary...
    20. colonel lacu

      JRS-Emptyness V1.2