A collection of old or forgotten projects

    Jul 10, 2014
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    I used to be more active in this community up to late 2017, and I kept my eye on the game and community during my inactivity. I thought about returning for a few months now. So, in a fit of nostalgia fueled reemergence, I dug through my blueprints and found a number of old projects I had started but for some reason, either forgotten or never finished. I thought I would share them all with the community.

    I had plans to use this ship as a drone fighter for a faction I wanted to form, but fell through.

    I used this fighter for some time on small servers but I retired it after growing frustrated with the barebone frame not allowing for many systems.

    This was my second real attempt at building a ship in the game, this thing is probably from 2014. I tried to recreate my first ship ever built with this one and it kind of worked. I retired it after realizing I knew nothing about systems at the time.

    I built a lot of small ships. This one is a new build, I forgot about it once I started my inactivity.

    This one started as a build I did with my nephew and ended as a bomber that I never used. Probably one of my favorite projects on this list.

    Following the frame of the bomber, when fleets were released I tried to build a drone miner. At the time I could never get the fleet of miners to work as I had envisioned.

    My third attempt at building, following the black jet-like ship. I used this as an all around vessel to get a start and I had a lot of fun flying around in this on RedShift.

    I made more progress on this build than the screenshot shows, but I never saved a blueprint beyond this point. I lost this build to a save corruption.

    Probably in 2015 or early 2016 I had a friend who wanted me to build him a "Command Cruiser" and this was the farthest I made it before turning over the blueprint to my friend. Sometimes I wonder what happened to this ship.

    This photo is all that remains of a destroyer I almost finished. I made a stupid error trying to save the blueprint during system testing and I ended up saving the blueprint of the turret I forgot I was inside. Another stupid error I made was not attempting to save the blueprint before that, woops.

    Thinking back to the ship request from my friend, I thought about attempting a similar project. I only got as far as finishing the basic hull and the floor of a docking bay before burning out and giving the blueprint to another friend.

    One a server I can't remember the name of, the admins were holding a building competition that I entered. This was the project I started but stopped after leaving the server for a different game that released. I remember disliking my core placement in the windows visible on the top and the consistent thin frame of 60-80m wide throughout the frame.

    Back in the day, I had aspirations to run a server for starmade with my best friend. We wanted a central spawn station for everyone to load into. I was building this but progress was slow and was eventually stopped when my friends computer running the server went through a meltdown.

    In 2017, during my most active session in starmade, I built this station to use as a homebase with my faction. I had a lot of fun during these days and I made a lot friends.

    I despised building the hull for this station but the end result in this picture makes it worth every minute. I love the exterior I created but I stopped building it once I hit a roadblock trying to plan out the interior.

    When shipyards were announced I started to build this as my first shipyard. Removing the orange poles from the picture leaves the finished frame. I want to go back sometime and attach the station to it.