Alberti-class cruiser

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    With the feedback I recieved on my previous ship ( I decided to give this project another try. This time on a smaller scale and sticking to one specific architectural style: the Renaissance. That's why the ship is named after a famous Renaissance architect who was one, but not the only, inspiration for the looks of this ship.

    Most activity takes place right under the large dome on top of the ship. Here the bridge, crew bunks, mess hall, relaxation area, shooting range, medbay, storage facility, transporter room and offices are located. The area is accessible from the hangar in the back of the ship or trough the inter-ship transporter.

    As for weaponry this cruiser has a powerful sniper-beam fixed inside the dome to take out enemies from far away, 2 sets of missile pods in the back of the ship that make a constant stream of missile fire possible and a multi-group beam in the front for more accurate fire from close by.
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    Cool-looking and powerful, but it doesn't have enough interior space to justify its size, and the turrets attacked my space station.
    Speaking purely from an aesthetically and design standpoint, this ship is a beauty. A welcome breath of fresh air from the standard spaceships, and also leaps and bounds superior to your previous ship.

    The design and details are spot on, with just a few areas that could have used additional detailing.

    That said, excellent ship and great job on incorporating the feedback you received!