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    Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Watatsumi-class battlecruiser:
    the glorious sea dragon deity thing of StarMade's universe.

    Have fun with it, and tell us what you liked, or what you think could use improvement! :)

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    • The two stealth bombers should not be launched unmanned! They will automatically turn on their Stealth Drive and vanish. (In which case they will need to be decloaked by scanning, then either shot down or harpooned back into the hangar bay with the Pickup Points, otherwise they remain collidable ghostship spacejunk.)
    • Although this ship probably qualifies as very powerful and hardy by the building standards of most starmaders, it focuses mainly on aesthetics and roleplay potential, with a limited level of attention to combat efficiency.
    • Fully equipped RP interior for a crew of 25-30
    • A special pilot seat with 13 functions logiced into just two buttons
    • Hidden, elevator-lifted deployable AMS turrets on the nose
    • Hotbar-controlled hangar doors and fighter launching
    • Hotbar-controlled engine startup animation
    • Hotbar-controlled docking prevention
    • Airlock pressure gauge animation
    • Airlock lighting animation
    • Airlock button-spam protection
    • Airlock port/starboard docking camera labels
    • Sinister robot guards in the reactor room
    • Easter egg mushrooms
    • Coffee machines, etc.

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    Dimensions: 423L x 127W x 103H (134 tall with top and bottom turrets included)
    Total extra power load when all turrets fire/recharge: 5,250,000 e/s, 31% of reactor output (in game version 0.202.87)
    Internal armor reinforcement materials used:
    • Orange advanced
    • Orange standard
    • Red standard
    • Purple standard
    • Purple basic
    • 1.2 thrust-mass ratio; 190 m/s top speed (in game version 0.202.87)
    • 15mill shield capacity; 110K net recharge (in game version 0.202.87)
    • A massive level-1700 reactor
    • 20,000 blocks worth of stabilization buffer
    • A maximal-strength scanner
    • A fast-charging, auto-charging jumpdrive
    • Level-2 armor enhancement against heat
    • Level-2 armor enhancement against EM radiation
    • Global internal armor lining (one block thick standard-tier alloy)
    • Very thick frontal armor reinforcement
    • Several extra, exoskeletal scale-like armor plates overlapping the main body
    • Two powerful lock-on missile systems
    • One powerful swarm missile system
    • Four heavy basic cannon turrets
    • Three heavy continuous beam turrets
    • One heavy artillery cannon turret
    • 17 AMS turrets
    • Hangar space for at least two fighter-sized support craft
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    Thank you very much indeed!

    It was a great pleasant surprise, and somewhat of a funny coincidence to see that you made a video with this ship, because I actually intended to ask whether you could include this creation of mine in a showcase episode.

    I will answer specific points of your review on your shipyard threads, since there's no possibility to reply here.