Sword of the Stars 2 Morrigi Cruiser

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    This is a Morrigi Cruiser from Sword of the Stars 2 (SotS 2). I built it to scale(I think) with some small changes to make it work in Starmade.

    Blocks: 34,603
    Mass: 5151.3

    Length: 139 meters
    Width: 107 meters
    Height: 32 meters

    Power: 310,420 e/s
    Shields: 1,017,000 HP
    Net Shield Recharge: 5942 HP/s

    Without Inheriting Thrusters:
    Thrust: 10,022
    Top Speed: 194.0 m/s
    Power Consumption: 33,750 e/s

    With Inheriting Thrusters:
    Thrust: 17,181
    Top Speed: 279.0 m/s
    Power Consumption: 69,250 e/s

    As I know nothing about combat in this game, ff anyone wants to refit this ship with better weaponry, armor, or shields, they may post it on Starmade dock, as long as they credit me as the ship maker. I recommend a naming scheme of :
    Morrigi Cruiser Retrofit: <enter text here>
    for any future posts.

    This ship has a mostly asthetic "combat mode" that can be activated from ship control.

    Combat Mode Inactive
    Morrigi Cruiser Iso


    Morrigi Cruiser Top View

    Morrigi Cruiser Bottom Iso View

    Combat Mode Active
    Morrigi Cruiser Combat Mode Iso View

    Morrigi Cruiser Combat Mode Top View

    Edit: The door can only be opened from the inside. I didn't think about potential problems
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    Not very similar to its sleek and elegant prototypes, shares some similarity only from topdown. You know, it IS possible to repeat all the Morrigi curves in Starmade, it just takes a ton of work and time. Plus, the size of the thing seems a bit too small.

    But IF to avoid calling her a Morrigi cruiser, the ship is made pretty well for a first build. It is worth it fixing that door though... Just hide the switch behind 3/4 slab so its part is visible through the gap, that will be more than enough to be able to toggle it.

    Also, thinking of Morrigi, i'd go for SotS 1 ones, seems their design was somewhat ruined in the sequel. But that's completely IMHO.