Horseshoe-class stealth bomber

    Horseshoe-class stealth bomber v1

    Game version

    The notorious support craft of the Watatsumi-class battlecruiser, finally released separately!

    A sneaky little ambush predator, designed to rip really large chunks out of prey several times its size. Only one hit per approach (after which it has to run out of the enemy's range to reload), but those bombs completely ignore the energy defences of even the most well-shielded battleships or megastations.

    1. Activate the StealthDrive.​
    2. Orient the ship towards the target, and start accelerating forward.​
    3. Release the non-self-propelled nuke, and decelerate.​
    4. Retreat, and wait for missile system cooldown (20 seconds).​
    5. Repeat... And all the while, enjoy the sight of asteroid-sized wounds opening on the target!​

    NOTE: Level down Jumpdrive Multicharge and Top Speed (both chambers by one level), to be able to level up the StealthDrive's usage duration to permanent! Don't use perma-cloaking variants as AI-controlled drones (they're invisible to the owner too)!

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