1. MaartenAll

      Eclecticism-class Battlecruiser v 1.0

      Starships and classical buildings have one thing in common: They can both be massive. So one day a crazy idea came along that made me wonder how a classical building like the Parthenon in Athens would look like in the form of a space ship. I took it one step further and instead of sticking to...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic


      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Watatsumi-class battlecruiser: the glorious sea dragon deity thing of StarMade's universe. Have fun with it, and tell us what you liked, or what you think could use improvement! :) Interior pictures:
    3. klawxx

      Klawxx - Caldari Drake 1.0

      Caldari Drake, Everyone's favorite passive tanker, now on StarMade. Of the meticulous craftsmanship the Caldari are renowned for, the Drake was born. It was found beneath such a ship to rely on anything other than the time-honored combat tradition of missile fire, while the inclusion of...
    4. klawxx

      Klawxx - Minmatar Tornado 3.0

      * W00T! Power / Weapons 2.0 certified (!) * Minmatar Tornado - Tier 3 Battlecruiser: Suicide gank in style, now on Starmade! The Tornado was made to do one thing and one thing only: blow the ever loving crap out of anything that is unfortunately preoccupied with other threats. Like other...
    5. NuclearFun

      Fenris Battlecruiser A1R6

      Hi! There is a very old ship of mine named Fenrir Battlecruiser and i thought it would be fitting to have a successor. 163k mass, Lvl29 reactor Turrets: 6 Main Cannon turrets, 12 Beam turrets, multiple missile defense turrets Docked: 3 small vessels in a very compact hangar 8 escape pods...
    6. DeepspaceMechanic

      MEGA PROJECT: The "Sobek" Dreadnought v1.4

      Allow me to present the mighty Sobek Dreadnought, one of the largest and most complex ships I ever built in StarMade. After a ton of creative effort, this thing ended up being one of those StarMade creations where you couldn't possibly fit enough text/images into the description section to...
    7. wizerdwolf

      WizTech Fleetworks - Battlecruiser Project (yet unnamed, suggestions welcome)

      While at work, a job that prevents me from playing as much as I want, I was brainstorming for ship ideas and I came up with this body shape I really liked. Originally it was going to be a super carrier, but upon reminding myself I really need to stop building in orbit above the planet I have...
    8. Reilly Reese

      Stargate Concordia Class Battle Cruiser (From Stargate: Invasion)

      Concordia Class Battlecruiser The Concordia is a fanon Tauri ship from Stargate. The original design was created by deviantart user Galen82 and was then modeled by EpytronOmega. After finding the ship on deviant I started hunting for the obj file and after getting in touch with the team...
    9. -=DWM=-

      Battlecruiser Wolf 717 1.1

      The Wolf 717 is a light battleship, best described as a giant big gun, your ultimate weapon, but with some very interesting options. -Light Screen for dark regions of space, that you can turn on/off. -Visual warnings when you're low on shield and a red light indication when you're hit. -20...
    10. DeepspaceMechanic


      Allow me to introduce AUXILIUM, my first battlecruiser. It was designed around its six huge offensive turrets, which worth a small fleet of cannon-corvettes. Have fun with it and please share your opinion! FEATURES NOT MENTIONED IN THE PICTURES BELOW: - A large interior with some nice...
    11. AltarTikstsson


      Norse Wind's Sons Ship - SVALINN - Line BattleCruiser Core Battlecruiser of the NWS-Corporation, the NWSS-SVALINN is a tough cruiser made to defend the structures of the coporation. Not design to go alone in the fight, this cruiser is well-armed agaisnt fighters, frigates and light...
    12. Scypio

      Longbow Class Battlecruiser 1.02

      Hi ! Some of you may have already seen pictures of this vertical cruiser, so here he is ! The shell is around 430m tall and ready to download for anyone who want it. Also note that there is already a bit of thrusters and power inside the ship even though i would recommend to remove the power...
    13. PainNigouto

      D.I.001 - Cyclone Battlecruiser 2016-12-13

      The Doomstar Imperium Presents: the Cyclone Battlecruiser(WIP) the shell is almost complete.. but i'm having a hard time finding the right kind of bridge exterior, even before the doors were in place. and ship bellies have never been my strongest suit so i'll have to think about that...
    14. vindicator

      Prometheus Battlecruiser - Rails Update 2016-11-24

      I love this ship by NuclearFun but, the turrets and docked fighters were using the old technology. I gave the ship an overhaul. I redesigned and replaced 36 odd turrets from the main batteries down to the small anti-fighter turrets. Now they are on rails. I did the same with the large gunship...
    15. saywuuuuuut

      New hope class Battleship 1.0

      So this is a new design for my ships. Its larger, has better weapons, has better shield and more. The New hope class Battleship should be capable of destroying a whole fleet of isant type ships. Maybe even bigger ones. Her weapons are: 2 Barrels of Heavy Cannons, 1 nuke, 2 Swarm missle launchers...
    16. NuclearFun

      Osiris Battlecruiser A1R4

      Hi! This is the Battlecruiser Osiris: Hadn't built something like that in a long time and after a testing rig for the auxiliary power systems turned out too look better than expected it got upgraded to a full size ship. I tried to mix my usual fleet look with some different design elements...
    17. Gmodism

      GI_Dvermakt - Battlecruiser Mk3

      The Gmodism Industries Military and Civil Shipyards Proudly Brings you: GI Dvermakt Battlecruiser Designed to both work as command vessel for smaller missions, and as a efficient frontliner for large fleets, the Dvermakt has a wide array of weapons. The Dvermakt is a rebuild of our good old...
    18. Az14el

      Culter Dei Class Battlecruiser (Outdated elements, power/shields broken) 1.3

      KBF Culter Dei Light Battlecruiser *Infinite Legion Utility Inhibitor not supplied With a heavy focus on Logic Weapons & Armor Tanking, she does quite well in a head to head. However as I didn't think the design fit well with many turrets or could house & effectively use large power supply...
    19. Aekir

      Nebula Defense Solutions "Tyrfing" Battlecruiser 2016-08-06

      Our Next-Generation Battlecruiser, Tyrfing, is the successor to the Aura-Class Assault Carrier. Faster, sturdier, sleeker, and unlike the Aura, which was designed for extremely rich civilians and low-level contractors to use in planetary assaults, the Tyrfing was designed with a different...
    20. Joemir

      Bahamut XT (Incomplete) 2016-04-10

      This is the progress n a ship ive been working on and off for a while. has lots of capability it is basically all hulls power and shields, no interior outside core room, i hope you like it .