1. joshspaceboy

      Weapons Discussion for 2.0

      Hey welcome to the thread! Basically I created this because I can't find hardly any information on the effectiveness of different weapon systems after the update came out. Since then I have been trying and experimenting by myself to try and find some of the best systems for various types of...
    2. MrGrey1

      Beam / Beam penalty mechanic.

      I'm all for having a Beam / Beam super weapon with a caveat, however I think the shields completely dropping as they do now is a pretty weak mechanic. With shields being so vital to defense compared to armour the situations where it would become an attractive option are pretty much non-existent...
    3. Bladeriker

      Weapon graphic size

      So I have been testing out the new weapon systems and was working on building a main cannon for one of my WIP. I placed down a 5x5 square of beam blocks, set the center most one as main emitter, and tested it out hoping that the beam would be bigger than just one block. However, it seems that at...
    4. DuckyQuacks

      Bug Shield Bypass with Beams

      Hello, This post is about the issues with the 'Beam' system currently. Whilst firing a beam and crossing between two sectors the beam will periodically ignore all shield hitpoints on the targeted ship and immediately do block damage - beams are the only weapon system affected by this due to...
    5. MacThule

      Shield Drain/Supply?

      Have they said anything about shield drain/supply? I expected them to be set up during the current phase, but they seem to be non-functional. Power drain/supply as well. Are they all on the block with pulse?
    6. MacThule

      Fun with Dev 201.043

      So, this probably won't last long, but if you want to have some hilarious fun in Dev build 201.043: -Admin warp to an asteroid field. -Build a tiny, fighter reactor with lots and lots of engines. -Add a big (5K modules base) Cannon-missile particle disruptor weapon to your tiny ship - power is...
    7. MacThule

      Armor system function & goal

      We are all seemingly in agreement that armor needs to be strengthened, and there is some extensive discussion about 'how,' I wonder if we aren't putting the cart before the horse. We can't wisely propose means of improving armor unless we have in mind a clear function for armor. Is the goal for...
    8. Zoolimar

      Ammo Cache or ammunition without micromanagement

      Instead of adding the need to resupply I propose creation of an Ammo Cache block that calculates its workspace similar to how shipyards do it (U-shaped block groups that create a containment). Though you will need a continuous group instead of multiple gates. Ammo Caches are filled with...
    9. Starlord Nero

      Nero Turret Rack 2017-08-21

      I am an amateur builder who has been playing on and off for about a year. I'm putting my newly built turrets up for your enjoyment, and you're welcome to edit and make them your own. All I ask is if re posting, please give credit where it's due. I've spent a fair amount of time creating these...
    10. YippieKieYay

      Cannot fire weapons

      Hello all, this is probably very stupid, but ... I cannot fire weapons ... just downloaded the game, started a local play in order to get a feel for what you could do in this game, (didn't change any option, just launched) using the resources provided at launch, I created a very basic ship ...
    11. Commander Spock

      Weapon Signatures

      A feature that lets you scan a damaged entity and tell you the name of the ship, or pilot, or faction,(should be interchangeable) who attacked that entity, but would only last an adjustable amount of time (1 universe day by default) for balance.
    12. Bladeriker

      Weapon Computers crossing enties (Turrets)

      Greetings Fellow Captains, I would like to see Weapons computers, both mains and secondary's be able to link to each other across entities. This would allow for only one level of separation so that only computers in the turret barrel could be attached to computers in the turret chassis, but...
    13. nightrune

      What choice do I got?

      After a discussion with a friend. I wanted to see what the community thought. What choices do you have during combat in starmade? and what does that choice mean? Please hold discussion of new choices for later and possibly another thread.
    14. E

      Small Arms, Combat, and Loot

      Hello! So I have been cruising around the universe and walking throughout the different stations populating my game. The user generated content is super intricate and very artistic and I love walking around and looking at all of the interiors. I decided, just for fun, to picture them as maps...
    15. flett044

      Borg cube WIP 2016-07-17

      A borg cube, keep in mind nothing is final as its a work in progress. I will post statistics when its finished "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us...
    16. WalkerGain

      Weapon Choice for Personal Fighter

      Hey guys! Just wondering, for a larger fighter/ Eve-style "frigate", intended to be flow by the player, what weapon system do you think would be most effective against other fighters? I'm leaning more towards missile/beam for their accuracy. What do you guys think?
    17. flett044

      Sovereign Class 2016-06-07

      808[/MEDIA]The ship seen in first contact. This ship has 2 USD ports, a main gathering area, 2 hangers, worker bee repair ships, bulk heads, wip airlock, long and short range shuttles. (Captains yacht soon) POWER: 29000000000, 2000000000 sec SHIELDS: 50000000000, 3000000 sec BLOCKS: 380000...
    18. S

      Read by Council Docked weapons logistics and Fleet offensive's Logistics

      HELLO! Me, strikyer, think about weapons! (again) so, there is the first point: There is the point: make the core(the right-cylindric structure) able to use this weapon Improvement: -When the fight cursor moves, make it rotate face to the target(a laser who curves to hit is frick'in illogic!)...
    19. nokturnihs

      Read by Council Tiered System Modules: Compact and backwards compatible

      Concept: A new block consisting of up to three tiers, the System Component Module and a System Configuration Controller Name: System Component Module Function: Each tier allows one control computer to be attached. All linked component modules take the attributes of the modules normally...
    20. sayerulz

      Recognized Flak weapons

      Flak weaponry was originally planned for the weapons update, but was cut along with the mine layer. I propose the addition of flak as it's own weapon system, complete with master/slave effects. The function of the basic flak is to fire a shot that will detonate into a number of extremely short...