1. S

      Wolf Spider Long Range Stealth Bomber 2020-02-26

      Having trouble with a station or ginormous battlewagon? Do your assault teams need a way through that armored hull, NOW? No problem! Neo Echota Drive Yards is proud to present the Wolf Spider Long-Range Stealth Bomber as your new personal can-opener! A single cyclopean pulse-laser is available...
    2. GeneralKesh

      The United Colonies

      Intro: The United Void Colonies are a new faction on the Light Vs Dark Starmade Server centered around creating a free and safe republic on the server. We are a lawful good server dedicated to upholding the values of Freedom and Capitalism. We strive to destroy those who wish to cause us, and...
    3. Nicodemus

      Universe Restoration

      I don't think this would apply to the server thread ,but if so lemme know. I'm having a terrible time finding a universe restoration thread anywhere. I've found one and it isn't working for me. So I figured to ask on a friends advice. So here's the problem. I've self hosted a server with...
    4. B

      Cannot connect to self made dedicated server

      I am trying to run a local server to play Starmade with my brother. We have three PCs so we are able to run a server and clients on different PCs as well as the same. We have run a dedicated server and tried connecting directly to the IP address:4242 and we have tried using Hamachi with a...
    5. MacThule

      Allow Bulk Blueprints/Spawning

      Larger ship mobs seem to be more functional recently, and now I'm wishing for a way to bulk fill & spawn identical ships in MP as a player. Admin mass spawn is fine for testing, but there should be a way for players themselves in MP to get their fighter and drone swarms into play without...
    6. Thinkin

      Faction Infastructure and Homebase Invulnerability: A solution to permanent turtling

      The purpose of this idea is to prevent players on servers from using homebases as a means of avoiding hostile interaction with other players while still allowing for new players to be able to have a means to protect themselves from having all their work being destroyed overnight while they are...
    7. Dearthx

      AI Learning Curve

      As I was playing StarMade today I was working on my base when the Trading Guild ships were passing by. It gave me the idea of what if instead of there being a small chance to see a player made ship in the hands of the pirates, that instead there was an AI Learning Curve based on the ships and...
    8. Warrior_4_Christ

      How to change skin in multiplayer?

      Hi, I just downloaded a skin and set it as my player skin. I tried to use it in my server, but other players don't see it even after it finishes uploading.
    9. Warrior_4_Christ

      How to use skins in multiplayer?

      I just downloaded a skin. I can see it, but other people in my server can't. I already checked server.cfg to make sure skin uploading was allowed. How do I make it so other people can see my skin?
    10. wizardoftrash

      NPC faction-war pvp game mode

      There has been some discussion about adding more compelling game-play to the game, and it shook loose an idea that has been rattling around in my head for a while. You Team-Up with one of the NPC factions, to try to wipe out the other 3 NPC factions. With the AI and NPC mechanics we currently...
    11. T

      Selecting the Ideal System for a Faction Base

      Hi all! Where would you point a noob for selecting an 'ideal' system to start a faction on survival, or multiplayer? Given the current unreliability of planets, my assumption is that 'many asteroid belts' and 'away from other factions' would play into it. Because of this, and because I have a...
    12. Chckn Wildstyle

      Additional Map/sector_chmod Functionality

      There is a dire need for a better implementation of the sector_chmod system in conjunction with the 3D map that we already have, as well as just a little bit more map functionality. This will help with in game functionality of survival characters and general administration on multiplayer...
    13. Braydoss of au

      multi command ships

      One problem I'm having when I play Starmade is how am i meant to get multiple people in a ship and have them only press one button that shoots a cannon off to the side or get into a weapon computer and having them be stuck on whatever cam the pilot has. So my Idea is to have Ship control blocks...
    14. MacThule

      Faction Founder Tips

      Anyone want to share their general experiences gained from running factions about important features, rules, etc in Starmade multiplayer? Obviously play style determines a lot, but there are some common things. Personally, I never allow anyone else to edit the faction homebase, to prevent...
    15. MacThule

      Deep Space Star Port (WIP) V10-30-2016

      This is the WIP skeleton of a full-featured starport I am developing based on my experience in MP. I'm basically uploading it here because I fried my second box recently and I'm paranoid about losing this sment, but if anyone has any comments or suggestions I welcome them. The primary features...
    16. Raisinbat

      Read by Council Factory progression block

      I think a lot of the game's trading problems can be solved by simply adding 1 block to the game: Factory Optimizer Increases items created per cycle by +0.01% per optimizer (rounded down to integer) linked to factory, without increases resource consumption. Having 10.000 optimizers will...
    17. Erth Paradine

      Open chat access

      Request: Change chat so that integration with other server instances, and even third-party connectivity, are possible: consider integration with IRC, instead of the current home-grown (and limited) chat function. Rationale: Building in single-player gets lonely, fast. Building on a popular...
    18. AJ1AJ1

      Read by Schine New Permission blocks? + Allies permissions

      Edit 1: Changed a few words below with updated the ideas from comments about making it more compact into one block's menu Harmless to allies effects Allies really mean nothing. You cant even push/pull them with push/pull beams without making enemies if they leave hostile action on because you...
    19. S

      Read by Council Faction control of Shop Prices

      Essentially, this would allow for factions to change the shop prices of the Trader's guild shops in controlled sectors. This would allow factions greater control over their local economies and let them make a profit on their wares instead of having to sell items at less than the base price to...
    20. waski35

      [PL] StarMade Server

      www : server : Server gameplay settings are described below : - Credits for new player : 6 mln, - medium fighter for starters, - modded prices (5 times lower block prices), - Prices of blocks substantial for ship and station building are 5 - 6...