NPC faction-war pvp game mode

    Apr 26, 2017
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    There has been some discussion about adding more compelling game-play to the game, and it shook loose an idea that has been rattling around in my head for a while.

    You Team-Up with one of the NPC factions, to try to wipe out the other 3 NPC factions.

    With the AI and NPC mechanics we currently have in the game, it has felt a bit like the game could morph into an RTS, since it has some RTS-ish elements in it as it is. Playing it as a pvp RTS doesn't quite work by itself, since it takes such a long time to get a base up and running. The Home Base mechanic is necessary to prevent AFK raiding, but it makes it impossible to wipe out another player faction entirely.

    But what if the objective wasn't to wipe out enemy player factions, but instead enemy NPC factions. If there was a way for each player faction to permanently "Align" to one of the 4 NPC factions of a server, then it would play a bit like an RTS. You could set up a base, build ships and manually fight with NPC's or instead focus on industry and using Shipyards to construct AI fleets.

    The NPC factions would start with tons of bases and ships, so zerg rushing wouldn't be a factor. Plus NPC's don't need the benefit of the Home Base mechanic since they can defend themselves 24/7. Player Factions would be able to help defend or attack NPC bases, but wouldn't be able to manually build or repair them, thus making NPC bases serve as a "Faction Health Bar".

    A universe would run until only one NPC faction is left standing, a winner would be announced, and then after a while the server would re-set (with different NPC bases, locations, ships, blueprints, etc).

    This could be some of that "REAL GAMEPLAY" that players have been craving, and gives us a WHY for PVP other than evenly matched minmax contests or AFK raiding. A different universe configuration could be geared towards single-player (with only two factions, the "ally" faction with a handicap, and the "enemy" faction).
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