1. josemik

      Orca Miner Freighter 1.0

      The Orca miner is a cheap freighter able to mine asteroids fast, and have a lot of cargo hold. It even has empty space inside if you want to add more modules or rooms.
    2. Montka

      "Mole cricket" Mining Corvette 2020-02-12

      Tech info: LxWxH: 82x29(65 in work mode)x31 128 500 shield capacity with 1210 p/s regen rate 3676 salvage modules in 460 groups 2020 engine modules, moving at top speed with empty cargo 11 lvl reactor 222k cargo USD on each side x2 twin light cannon turrets acting as AMS or defense against...
    3. M

      GS-91 series KB Cosmos refits Power 2.0

      A bunch of old, but pretty freighters modified for today's standards. Modifications include installation of new, more powerful engines, crew compartment redesign and a new bridge. The new automatic logic-operated airlock was installed too. The ships are equipped with nav lights (loosely based...
    4. DeepspaceMechanic

      Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager v1.2

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager ...40% raw, utilitarian, industrial style; 60% cuteness! At only around 80m in length, this combined mineral miner and metal salvager isn't exactly one of those "one-clicker" monsters, but it certainly deserves the...
    5. T

      TTF Harpy Class Research Vessel 2019-09-12

      Hello dear potential customers! Today TTF are proud to bring you the Harpy Class Research Vessel! Unlike so many of our other vessels, this one is completely unarmed, and managed to successfully destroy the practice target! A full asteroid! Please enjoy your purchase, and note, the company does...
    6. Malum Phasma

      AM-010 Muriela 0.82

      The Pitch: Introducing Malum's Malignant Machineries medium class miner, the AM-010 Muriela! Don't like blocky shaped craft? Want a comfy bed or toilet on your mining ship? Then go elsewhere because here at MMM we pride ourselves on building nothing but machines that get the job done! Tired of...
    7. rhenoplos

      Chaos' Day One Salvager 2019-06-06

      Having been away from starmade far before the power update I have recently returned. As such it was time to make an early salvage ship, so born was this little ship. It may not be the best for use in pirate infested territory, or any such hostile space. It may also be slow at salvaging...
    8. MrGrey1

      MRGS Long Haul Carrier 190516

      MrGrey1's Shipyard proudly presents the Long Haul Carrier. In production for almost a year, the carrier is the current pinnacle of my mining fleet and supports 20 Mining Drones, 2 Support ships and a large Heavy Miner. With more then 11 Million cargo capacity on the carrier alone this fleet...
    9. AngelusKutona

      W.E.C - "Toil" - S-Type Worker Drone v0.201.370

      The Toil - Wexian Engineering Corporation presents a new production line to aid the hard-working and industrious! The Toil is a pilot-able drone designed to aid in the gathering of resources on long missions and manipulation of heavy goods and crates. Easily affordable and compact the Toil is...
    10. meako490

      Ignius Space Corporation stage two mining vessel v0.201.370

      Ignius Space Corporation is gearing up for it's largest ship. Here is a smaller but useful mining vessel. It is equipped with a cloaking mechanism with permanent duration. Cargo Storage space about 21k. Less than a hundred meters tall it is half the height of the next vessel. Hopefully finished...
    11. Edymnion

      Small RP Faction Miner 2019-04-02

      Was just messing around trying to come up with some different looks for faction ships, and rather liked this one. Has a nice worker bee kind of feel to it, might be interesting once we get mining fleets up and going. Anyway, basic small miner. Simple 5 beam waffle continuous fire salvage...
    12. meako490

      Genesis Mining Vessel: Built with only starting componants and funds. v0.201.364

      This is a vessel that you can make right at the beginning of the game in survival mode. The model was the first vessel built by the Ignius Space Corporation (ISC), so it will have their color scheme. But you are welcome to give it any color scheme you like. It has extra empty slots for three...
    13. meako490

      Yellow Submarine 2019-03-12

      I like the look of it. The engine room can be a bit of a maze with a lot of catwalks... Can be a bit confusing trying to get to the crew's room or the med bay. I hope you like it. I tried really hard to get the lift to work properly, but for some reason it just wouldn't work. Maybe someone could...
    14. N

      Nyan Cat Miner 2019-02-09

      This is a mining ship with Nyan Cat detailing, including the rainbow tail with rainbow thrusters! Mass- 9.9K Shields: Capacity- 2,992,500 Net Recharge- 82,650.1 Reactor (no chambers)- 358,400 e/sec w/65.1% Stability Thrust/Mass Ratio- 2.2 Storage Capacity- 1,000,000 Salvage: 200 groups Each...
    15. MrGrey1

      MRGS Mining Carrier 199 200514

      A small mining carrier with 6 drones and an on board salvager. For those players who would like to experiment with drone mining, this is an efficient, inexpensive little miner with lots of cargo space and an RP interior. I've tried to keep the ship simple yet fun to use. I have left a lot of the...
    16. StarGuy1701

      SU-0150 UCIV Compact Mining Unit v1.1

      StarGuy1701 here, and with a tiny build for everyone. This right here is yet another "Starter ship" or Starter Miner, I figured I upload my own since a lot of peeps seem to be doing the same. This is a Mining Ship with 50 total Salvager Modules with small [10k] storage and has about 100...
    17. MrGrey1

      MRGS Starter Miner 01 09012019

      Start your game in style with this small miner designed to use from spawn. Easily affordable with starting resources. Ten salvage beams and a size 19 reactor with mining, power and jump chambers. Spawn a few of them for a small drone fleet.
    18. MrGrey1

      MRGS Heavy Miner 200514

      My Heavy Miner. Built as the command and control ship for my WIP mining carrier it's designed like a freight container so it can dock to the underside of the carrier. A large salvage beam double waffle for melting asteroids. Comes equipped with two large beams for planet demolition and 3...
    19. E

      Scavlov - Light miner / Drone 0.201.200

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Salvage Drone "Scavlov" Ring a bell have some reflex ! (When an asteroid is passing, Scavlov bark!) Discover our products ! https://starmadedock.net/threads/pavlov-corp-shipyard.31048/ How to use it ? Why to use it ? Just dock this simple drone and add it to a fleet...
    20. O

      USTR Bastion 2018-08-22

      The United Systems of the Terran Republic is the first in it's line of capital ships. The idea of this ship is to be as versatile as possible, therefor I have added a small hanger 4 turrets with the ability to place 4 more (I left the other 4 out cuz I wanted those who downloaded it to put a bit...