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    W.E.C - "Toil" - S-Type Worker Drone v0.201.370

    Salvage and Worker Drone 'Toil'

    1. AngelusKutona
      Game version:
      The Toil -
      Wexian Engineering Corporation presents a new production line to aid the hard-working and industrious!


      The Toil is a pilot-able drone designed to aid in the gathering of resources on long missions and manipulation of heavy goods and crates. Easily affordable and compact the Toil is an essential workhorse that can boost any salvaging or mining fleet. It also comes with plenty of cargo space to keep hold of those materials you so desperately need!


      Specifications -
      Height - 5m
      Width - 7m
      Length - 8m
      Blocks - 124
      Mass - 9.5

      Power -
      Reactor Lvl - 0
      Reactor Size - 4
      Recharge (e/sec) - 440
      Chambers - Logistics - Mining Bonus 2

      Thrusters -
      Thrust - 26.0
      Thrust/Mass Ratio - 2.5
      Consumption (e/sec) - 16.0

      Extra Details -
      2x Salvage Group Outputs (8 Salvage Modules/Group)
      900 Cargo Capacity (Storage on floor infront of Core)
      Faction Module
      AI Module
      1x Docking Module (Underneath ship)
      Cargo Container Capture Arms (Docking Module on Front)

      We at the W.E.C hope you make good use of this drone.

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      Version: v0.201.370
      aka mini miner drone