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    Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager v1

    High performance | Fast | Industrial | Stylish hull | Full interior | Mining grinders | Robotic arms

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Game version:

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the Brimstone-L7 Advanced Salvager: 40% raw, utilitarian, industrial style... 60% cuteness.

      At only around 80m in length, this combined mineral miner and metal salvager isn't exactly one of those "one-clicker" monsters, but it certainly deserves the "advanced" part in its name for other merits. Among them is the fact that besides its 500-output salvage laser system, the ship features six ferocious grinder heads, plus four robotic arms, all "functional", which together ensure that this little ship will be capable of properly picking apart and feeding itself with any kind of valuable resource, be it either asteroid rock, components of dead vehicles or scrap metal form derelict stations.

      Fun fact: "Brimstone" refers to its color (it being the archaic word for sulfur), while "L7" was chosen simply because it was the only alphanumeric designation that could fit on the largest clean surface of the hull (near the lateral engines' nebular gas intakes).


      Enjoy and share your impressions! :-p

      • Two 250-output salvage systems, one manual and one logic-automated, in an interlaced chessboard layout (8 modules per output; 2000 modules per system)
      • A dual-output basic damage beam system (1350 modules in total)
      • A single-output tractor beam system (1350 modules)
      • Three 600-DPS AMS turrets
      • 150K storage capacity (1500 cargo space blocks)
      • Power: 270,000 e/s -- 30% stabilization
      • Shield: 2,100,000 HP -- 65,000 HP/s net recharge
      • Thrust: 2.5 thrust-mass ratio -- 225 m/s top speed
      • The download package contains both a 'sment' export file and a blueprint folder of the exact same ship; for singleplayer usage, it is best to simply copy the blueprint folder into your game directory's "Blueprints" folder, because this ship has eight inter-entity wireless connections, which tend to be less likely of unlinking when skipping the 'sment' file export-import process.
      • In case of wireless disconnections or any rail/logic issues, consult the displays in the ship's Electronics Maintenance Room.
      • While using the manual salvage system, activate the logic-clock-triggered one too with a hotbar inner-ship-remote, to double your block eating rate (if a chessboard is imagined, the outputs of the manual one are on black squares, while the outputs of the automated one fill out the remaining white positions).
      • Cargo transfer can be achieved through either of the two USD airlocks' docker block.
      • Faction module located directly in front of pilot seat, in the floor.
      • Hotbar-controlled robotic arms
      • Hotbar-controlled engine lighting
      • Hotbar-controlled spinnable radar dish
      • Hotbar-controlled beacon fog lights
      • Hotbar-controlled spinnable grinder heads
      • Hotbar-controlled docking prevention
      • Airlock pressure gauge animation
      • Airlock lighting animation
      • Airlock button-spam protection
      • Airlock port/starboard docking camera labels
      (For a six-member crew: pilot, medical officer, four robotic arm operators)
      • Left-side USD airlock
      • Right-side USD airlock
      • Electronics maintenance room
      • Space suit and E.V.A. equipment storage
      • Decontamination facility
      • Dorm room
      • Washing facility
      • Kitchen & dining room
      • Medical room
      • Systems control room
      • Cockpit

      GIF animations:

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    Recent Reviews

    1. DocHellfish
      Version: v1
      This thing is a lot of fun!
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Glad you enjoyed it :)
    2. klawxx
      Version: v1
      show off... =)
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Flexing like I have hydraulic robotic arms, right? ;D

        Thanks for the 5 stars :)
    3. jstenholt
      Version: v1
      The details. The logic. Absolutely phenomenal.
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks, building this ship was one of those creative efforts where the detail-work just spiraled out of control... Glad that it's appreciated :)
    4. Tshara
      Version: v1
      Absolutely love the robot arms. They are the star of the show.
      1. DeepspaceMechanic
        Author's Response
        Thanks, happy to hear that you find it appealing :)

        I'm very glad that I went with the plan of not only including robotic arms in the design, but also to mechanize them with rails and logic.

        The robot arm in your Tranquility station, as well as the one in your last logic tutorial video were certainly big inspirations :)