KORTHEX - The Deepspace Mech

    KORTHEX - The Deepspace Mech v1.6

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    The Deepspace Mech

    Please check this thing out in-game because the pictures/GIFs don't transmit the full magic of this mighty mechatronic exoskeleton! Try out the gun in the left hand and shoot some stuff with hotbar turret control. Have fun and share your impressions! ;D


    • I built this in 16 days
    • It's more of a Gundam "mobile suit" than a Transformers-style sentient electromechanical organism (it's meant to be pilot-operated)
    • It's named "Korthex", because "cortex" is the Latin word for "tree bark" (since the mech almost organically extends, enfolds and protects the pilot)
    • This project was inspired by: MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type)
    • My other mech: SAMURAI MECH ...WITH A JETPACK!


    First release
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    4.83 star(s) 6 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Modernized systems

      No more dysfunctional systems; everything brought up to date with current configs (game version...
    2. Overhauled systems and removed remaining outdated blocks

      After the Weapons Update, and the subsequent removal of the integrity mechanic, the possibility...
    3. Removed outdated blocks, changed main weapon

      In this update I removed the remaining outdated blocks (a few scanner antennas and jumpdrive...

    Latest reviews

    contains power supply module blocks, which are outdated and cant be produced anymore.
    Thank you for pointing that out. - I was aware of this, and coincidentally, I actually put the removal of those blocks on my to-do list just a few days ago.

    This is one of my projects with which I'm still pleased enough to intend to keep up-to-date, and I'm happy to see that there still are other people who appreciate it :)
    will use to defend
    "engineer is credit to team"
    Thanks for giving a second review for the latest updated version of this mech... Reviews help gather some extra attention to otherwise unpopular but interesting resources.

    But I should mention that, despite the fact that this download contains a variant with new systems too, it also has a few outdated and unobtainable blocks (Power Supply Modules). This makes the blueprint un-spawnable in survival circumstances. Ideally, you should remove those blocks in singleplayer, and save your own blueprint of it, if you intend to use the mech in survival multiplayer.
    *head explodes*
    Very generous to say that, thanks for the review! :D
    of course its Awesome!
    Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. I tried my best :)
    Really nice work. The mech looks cool and has some great rail/logic functions. The logic debug room downstairs is something I wish more people would add since it makes fixing problems so much simpler. One thing you definitely need to add though is a circuit to prevent spamming the animation buttons as that will mess up the rails. The wireless blocks ought to have no effect if the arm is currently moving. You can do this by having the animation be triggered by an AND gate which requires the wireless block to be active as well as a flag at the end of the animation cycle. The forcefield shield can also be moved to be part of the base ship instead of the forearm. It would look identical and reduce the weight of that arm. I also love the picture you took with all the best mechs side by side. It's my new desktop background.
    Thanks for the review, I appreciate the feedback!

    Glad you like the features you mentioned, I tried my best :)

    I agree with your suggestions of possible improvements, and will keep them in mind for the time when I'll eventually revisit this project to fix some of its more straight-forward shortcomings.

    Happy to hear that you found a good use for the line-up picture I made. I wish I'd know how to link to specific posts; I just posted a progress update on my personal shipyard thread where you can find a GIF showing this same line-up in an escalating fly-by fashion. If you end up taking a look, I'd be curious of your opinion of the other kinda exciting contents of that post :D
    New power version. I will begin to say it has a major problem, the structural integrity is very low and the whole thing blew up and crashed the game when the infinite sound loops of explosions got to overwhelming. But. That is forgiveable; In all the mech is very awesome and the axe strike animation and the shield and all functions are so cool that it still deserves a top rating. Video review incoming.
    Yes, I battle-tested the "New systems" variant of this mech after uploading it, and was very surprised how the restrictions of the new mechanics made its reactor or shield recharger implode, without getting a single hit form the enemy. Kinda ridiculous, but I will pay more attention to building systems with the new mechanics in future projects.

    I originally filled the shell with classic systems, and the second variant was just a quick and sloppy refit. The main focus were the rail-and-logic functions, and I'm very glad that you liked those, I guess the design efforts really payed off in the end :)

    And I'm very grateful for you making a video review once again for one of my resources. Thanks so much, I'll be on the lookout for it :)
    Another excellent mech, good sir. Arm works well with manual turret aiming. Cockpit looks really nice. There are tons of great little details that really help fill it out--lots of creative aesthetic uses for various blocks. A+
    Thank you very much, sir! :)

    I tried my best in the two weeks consumed by the construction of this mech. Granted, I overused the symmetry planes, re-used the whole upper and lower legs with slight modifications and recoloring to get the arms, and exploited several templates (including the hands and jetpack tank from my Samurai Mech). The systems also could use much improvement.

    But I'm glad you say that you like it overall, as well as its detail work. Like I said before, your Zaku mech was the inspiration for building this one. I aimed to make a similarly complex pilot room as the one in the Zaku, and ended up working on just that part for the first two days, to get it all right.

    And the efforts have mostly payed off in the end. - Thanks again for the review!