1. Crashmaster

      Sazabi voxel grade 2016-10-12

      The shield has a pointy-end-facing missile-beam and AI as well as an area-triggered trio of missile-pulse on it's face. Both the shield and the heat hawk can be carrier recalled one at a time from the idle formation #1 (left) position.
    2. Crashmaster

      Bullfrog 2016-09-04

      Development unit, unpolished, has machine guns and missiles with an AMS turret.
    3. TheAcesGamble

      Saber Tooth Tiger Zoid 2016-07-03

      My second uploaded mech and is much improved in detail and thought. This mech is obviously based as it says in the title on the "Zoid" tiger. It is not an exact replica nor did I want it to be. I enjoyed this creative view on mechs and decided to make my own. I made this ship to be a more...
    4. TheAcesGamble

      Spartan Raptor Mk IV 2016-06-19

      While building my next big build I decided to take time away and work on something a little different. I had built a mech before but the server I created it on was lost and so was the build, so here is my second attempt at a mech. I like how it turned out as I find it looks pretty cool. I hope...
    5. Crashmaster

      Juniper Rocket Appliances

      The ability to reliably navigate entity chains helped immensely. VF-1S from Macross. Total Mass: 261.2 Approx Length: 52m Power: 10,657.5e/sec Thrust: 526.7 34 entities Current model transforms from jet to mech and back or jet to GERWALK and back. The gun pod is a 18-module...
    6. Endal

      VF-0S Phoenix (Obselete) 2016-05-23

      Once upon a time, I threw a crazy idea across the room of building a mech-plane. Atra possesed convinced me to do it, and I did it. I don't even believe I finished it. The ship is relatively small at under 100m, it has no weapons and very unstable power, thrust is supplied by docked entities...
    7. Star-Boy

      VFA-6 Alpha Fighter 1.1

      This is a WIP VFA-6 Veritech Alpha Fighter from Robotech. It still needs some work but I couldn't resist sharing it with the community now that it works. A lot of the ship is still hollow and needs shields/power/trusters etc. I also need to build a couple cannons for it to hold. I'd also...
    8. Tech-priest

      X16-ReaverTitanM1YB 1.0

      The Reaver-class Titan is a flexible, multi-role humanoid combat walker known as a Battle Titan that is commonly used by the Imperial Titan Legions at the forefront of the fighting. lenght: 17m hight: 25m width: 19m
    9. AtraUnam

      Warthog Mech 2016-03-03

      A mech I built in an afternoon because my internet was too bad to work on my larger projects on NFD. Its pretty basic but the amount of firepower it puts out was a nice suprise. "Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I shall fear no evil, for I am driving a house sized mass of...
    10. Trekkerjoe

      MechaplatformMKI MKI

      I am quite proud of this guy. He can move in four directions using absolute controls. However, his head can translate relative controls to absolute controls, allowing the driver to steer him simply by turning his head. His head includes a mechanism to find the direction he's facing, so he will...
    11. nightrune


      I may have time in the future, but I was wondering how far along someone was at accessing position data from a turret? or docked entity? I'd like to just create a "mech core" and have it attempt to match entities to the current player walking animations as a basic mech first go. Thoughts? I...
    12. AtraUnam

      Gargantuan mech build [Forearm]

      Last time I built a mech it was suggested that I start a buildyard thread to document my progress, I never got around to it last time so I thought I should do it with this one. I'll keep the main post updated as I progress, all criticism, especially suggestions, is welcome and appreciated...
    13. Crimson-Artist

      Mech-Achilles 1.0

      Achilles Class Mech See more Pictures Here: (T) Indicates the total stat including docked entities Role: Omni-Directional Battle Platform, Heavy Assault Suit Generation: V (T)Mass: 818.6 (T)L/H/W: 15m/51m/31m (T)Power Regen: 71,918.2 e/sec Thrust: 421.3 (T)Shields: 52,746 Regen: 769 s/sec...
    14. D

      Interfectorem pullum 2015-09-04

      This is a small spec ops mech built for SkylordLuke's Project Spartan. It has a powerful beam for silent assassinations, a radar-jammer and a short-term cloaker for peeking safely around corners. The access to the core is from below the mech.
    15. D

      Ambulemus suit 2015-09-04

      This is a small mech built for SkylordLuke's Project Spartan. It has a lot of exposed systems, but it was the only way to do a 3x3 suit with some stats. The suit in the picture is armed with a canon-canon combo, but the equipment may vary.
    16. godmars

      GTC Proteus M3

      GTC "Proteus" TYPE "M2" TYPE "M3" Side view: The Proteus was the first attempt by the GTC to combine the capabilities of their star-fighters with that of their bipedal attack craft, the CA series. To reduce costs, the cheap frame of a Vulture star-fighter was used. Like most fighters...