The Portal of the Samurai Guardians

    The Portal of the Samurai Guardians v1.2

    Game version

    I already had the blueprint for the mechs and a template for the ring, and putting them together was a fun little low-effort job with epic results.

    Check out the original controllable version of the samurai guardians: SAMURAI MECH ...WITH A JETPACK!

    • 150m inner diameter
    • Free-targeting (drops to user-defined coordinates, doesn't need to be connected to another gate)
    • A well-lit membrane of water to make it look like an actual magical portal
    • Two disciplined samurai guardians dedicated to protect it until the end of time, against attackers or unauthorized users (via sorcery, not with actual firepower)
    • Four anti-missile turrets
    • Access to control modules through a hatch atop
    First release
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    Latest updates

    1. Removed outdated blocks; restructured gate; new systems and turrets

      No more outdated blocks used for systems or decoration Added four radially protruding elements...

    Latest reviews

    i only have one question, where does it go? i mean, combine it with a warp gate and someone could make a map of some sorts out of this idea
    Maybe it leads back to long ago, into a distant land, where "Aku", the shape-shifting master of darkness, has unleashed an unspeakable evil. And where a foolish samurai warrior, wielding a magic sword, has stepped forth to oppose him. And where, before the final blow was struck, Aku tore open a portal in time and flung the samurai into the future where his evil was law. Now, the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku, and this is the portal through which he can achieve that.

    (This is of course a modified version of the intro monologue of the "Samurai Jack" cartoon series) :D