Easy edit mech frame

    Easy edit mech frame 1.1

    So the idea of this is to be a barebones frame that people can use to easily build their own mechs, all the logic is pre-setup and wired to an easy to use logic board in the mech's back. Its very simple to setup a complicated animation, simply set up a chain of delay blocks and connect each delay block/frame to the appropriate movements on the logic board.

    The only limitation to this system is that trying to change a joints position while its still in motion from a previous command will break the logic, other than that there are no restrictions.

    Overall view of the mech-frame:

    Back mounted logic control board:

    The torso has been left largely empty for maxium freedom; the arms are filled with as many mass enhnacers as was possible; Likewise the leg joints can all move a fair amount of mass and also contain some docked thrust.

    I hope to see a few more mech builds on the dock after this release, anyone is free to modify it as much as they please.
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