MS-06a Zaku II (Type A: First Mass Production Type)

    MS-06a Zaku II (Type A: First Mass Production Type) 1.1

    Game version
    This is the Old Power Version of the MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type)

    Please click the link above for more detail about the basic shell. I will update both postings fairly soon with more images.

    This is still mostly for RP purposes, as the main gun is very difficult to use. It flips out and gets stuck for no reason. I seem to remember it handling collision better before. It needs Manual Turret control. With a co-pilot to work the gun for you, it could be somewhat playable. The rifle has a Cannon/Cannon/Overdrive in the main barrel and a Missile/Beam/Explosive in grenade launcher. The bicep/elbow/wrist contain secondary weapon components, so they're pretty large.

    The heat axe works okay, but the lag spike happens when you come into close range with somebody can make it extremely difficult to use. However, if you hit somebody with it, there are 2 pulse weapons, one in each arm entity, that are set to sensors on the edge of the axe. They will detonate right on the axe blade, simulating a melee attack. It's extremely satisfying, even if it's not incredibly strong.

    There's a self-charging jump drive inside. To start it charging, you may have to press R on a delay module. There is a display module that points to the one you will need to click.

    The legs are pretty much entirely filled with thrust.

    And the cockpit is filled with awesomeness.

    Enjoy! Please report any bugs with the blueprint to me.
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