1. Type O

      O Racer - Razorback mk10_6 2020-02-07

      >>> QF Ready <<< Racing-ship based on the Razorback from The Expanse tv-series; zero to max under 3seconds. Length: 39m; Mass 332 __Power: Reactor 174 : 178 Stabilizers (19,140 e/sec) __Chambers: Top Speed 3, Thrust Blast All, Turn Rate 2 Jump Autocharge, Reactor Enhancement __Shield: Recharge...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      Geezer-class frigate v1

      Frigate-sized warship, built specifically for QuickFire configs. Note: you can find all of its internal protective filling by searching for Yellow Basic Armor with the "highlight blocks in dropdown" option; hull's inner lining consists of yellow standard and orange advanced. Download its shell...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic


      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents its latest frigate-sized spaceship. A few noteworthy features: A funky hull of standard-tier alloy with several extra armor plates overlapping the main body Two USD airlocks with docked doors and "working" pressure gauges 2.5 thrust-mass ratio + a speed...
    4. SlavSquatSuperstar

      SVU Fighter F-3 Pack Mod 1A

      Shokolad Vodka Union is proud to unveil its first starfighter design, the F-3. The F-3 was born out of a need to protect our mining and transport vessels from pirate attacks. This one-man light fighter is cheap to produce and is best to be operated from short range bases or carriers. We use it...
    5. SlavSquatSuperstar

      SVU General Purpose Ship GP-5 Mod 1R3

      Shokolad Vodka Union is delighted to present its first commercial project, the GP-5. The latest in a long line of personal vessels, this starship is designed to be simple and to replace your starter miner. Nicknamed "Guppy" by affectionate spacers, the GP-5 is the perfect choice to start your...
    6. abigmac

      New Haven Class Heavy Destroyer 1.2

      The GSC Fleet needed some heavier firepower, so here it is... Introducing the New Haven Class. I wanted to build a bigger ship to supplement the smaller vessels in the fleet and give a suitable replacement for the Providence class which still uses old power and I cant be bothered to refit it...
    7. abigmac

      Halcyon Class Patrol Craft 5.0

      This is one of the smallest combat ships in the Gen IV fleet. It's designed to escort legacy classes and patrol frontier sectors. It has a top speed of 360m/s. It is 140m long , 63m wide and 31m tall. - THE AIRLOCK IS HIDDEN BY A RAIL DOOR------------------------------ The airlock is on the...
    8. DeepspaceMechanic

      Celestric Arthropod (RE-MAKE) v1

      Allow me to present the Celestric Arthropod. This is my re-make of the smallest ship in Bustie's Fleet Submission originally created by bustie I checked out the aforementioned StarMade creation in early August, and thought that it was a very nice, imaginative sci-fi design. I wanted to see...
    9. DeepspaceMechanic

      Flit-class Pulsar Scout - DM2 (RE-MAKE) v1

      Allow me to present the Flit-class Pulsar Scout - DM2 edition. This is my re-make of the SCOUT - Flit Class Twin Pulsar originally created by Drybreeze I checked out the aforementioned StarMade creation in mid March, and thought that it was a very nice, imaginative sci-fi design. I wanted to...
    10. Starlord Nero

      Chosen Fighter ALL colors 2017-08-21

      **Starlord Nero** Welcome everyone, yet another ship I'm pushing out before the power update. It's nothing special, a fast, nimble attack ship for my fleet. It may not be "small" to the average builder, but to my "Titan" ship it's quite small. Anyways, it's unfinished, like most of my content...
    11. Jake_Lancia

      TRV Pathfinder-class Scout V1.0

      Pathfinder-class Experimental Scout Detailed further here: Pathfinder-class The Pathfinder-class is a class of fast scout corvettes based on the Hyperion-class primary hull. With it's priorities switched from offence to long-range scout duties, the Pathfinder mounts a new, long-range...
    12. NaStral

      LiCorp Zaquar Class Courier [Legacy] 0.199.535

      The Zaquar exists to do one thing and one thing only: move. It has a thrust to mass ratio of 2.5 with full overdrive passive. A small cargo bay carries enough for high value cargo of trade value within reason. It has full defensive passives in a sturdy frame, though your primary action should be...
    13. Antistre

      Prodromos v1.1 2017-06-19

      Heavy Fighter / Bomber armed with quad Damage beams and trio Guided missiles and shield drain. The Prodromos is fairly well armored and boasts slightly above average shields for it's class, along with decent mobility. Slow shield recharge favors a hit and run strategy as the decent top speed...
    14. Antistre

      Ekdromos v1.0 2017-06-17

      Fighter armed with rapid fire quad cannons and double guided missiles. Well armored and able to withstand a fair amount of punishment from other fighter type crafts along with outmaneuvering many fighters in the same ballpark statistics wise. Comes with 3 cameras for better view, a jump drive...
    15. colonel lacu

      JRS-Capricorn 1.0

    16. M

      -M- Vortigern 2017-06-01

      The Vortigern is a heavy attack Corvette designed to run down and destroy faster vessels. Weather you're a lone ranger or in need of a fleet support ship, the Vortigern is the ship for you.
    17. Napther

      KDI Moonlighter Smuggler-hauler MK1

      So I made this on a whim on the CreatiCrew build server as a muck-around and make something small. So I made something thats kinda sleek and built to smuggle stuff. which is where it gets its name as the KDI Moonlighter, Moonshine likely still exists in the galactic age, but its more than...
    18. NaStral

      Seraphim/Moloch Class Cruiser Mk II [Legacy] 0.199.651

      An expansion of the construction techniques that produced the Malakhim/Luvart and the Kushiel/Aeshma class frigates. The base platform possesses strong shields(30 mil and 1 mil regen) and a 1.7 thrust to mass ratio with full overdrive passive which makes it remarkably nimble for it's size. It's...
    19. DeepspaceMechanic

      Quickster JD-10 v1.2

      Allow me to introduce Quickster JD-10, a neat little jumpship meant to be used at times when you have to get from A to B real fast, but you don't feel like charging jumpdrives. As it's surely obvious, this ship is a re-constructed (and highly improved) Isanth Type-Zero, and I built it to have...
    20. 2

      RRS Fighter 2017-03-23

      Small Fighter with maneuverable turrets. Focus on strategy, navigation, selecting targets. main turret configuration: Selected targets Scanner: Use with caution needs lots of energy Overdrive Effect:50% When on friendly territory deactivate turrets or avoid targeting ships and structures.