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    SVU Fighter F-3 Pack Mod 1A

    Nimble and lethal starfighters with several variants

    1. SlavSquatSuperstar
      Game version:
      Weapons 3.0
      Shokolad Vodka Union is proud to unveil its first starfighter design, the F-3. The F-3 was born out of a need to protect our mining and transport vessels from pirate attacks. This one-man light fighter is cheap to produce and is best to be operated from short range bases or carriers. We use it to accompany our mining fleets in mixed squadrons.
      • The F-3 is perfect for engaging fast vessels and taking down their shields with its railguns to soften them up for the others.
      • The FB-3 deals enormous damage to ships with its torpedoes and can disable their systems or overwhelm their defenses.
      • The FA-3 is a blend of the two and can both track down fast targets with its missiles and damage them significantly.

      Designer's Note: As my first ship designed for combat, I essentially built around the reactor and weapons while keep the stats balanced.


      • 49-blocks for 54k regen
      • Reactor base enhancement
      Armaments: (F-3)
      • 4x C24B9 railguns, 7.8k damage, 6s reload
      • 2x M14 Missiles, 900 damage, 4 capacity
      Armaments: (FB-3)
      • 4x M25B9 missile launchers, 9.5 damage, 10s reload
      • 2x C14 cannons
      Armaments: (FA-3)
      • 4x M25M9 torpedo launchers in 2 separate computers, 64k damage, 24s reload
      • 2x C14 cannons

      Defense: (F-3 and FA-3)
      • 50k shields with 1.5k regen
      • Shield capacity
      • High-damage resistance 2
      • Standard armor around the reactor and weapons
      Defense: (FB-3)
      • 37k shields with 1.5k regen
      • High-damage resistance 2
      • Standard armor around the reactor and weapons


      • 2.5 thrust-to-mass ratio to achieve server top speed
      • Turning speed 3 for dogfighting (F-3)
      • Top speed 3 for rapid strikes (FA-3)
      • Thrust blast with charge speed 2 for rapid bombing runs (FB-3)
      • Controllable lights
      • Ventral dock
      • AI and faction modules
      • Our own special flight display module

      front.png back.png side.png


      The order includes all three variants in one package. As always, we allow you to refit our ships to your liking. We will produce versions with colored paint on demand. Make sure to keep an eye/camera/sensor/antenna out for the F-3's, successor, which will be ready for production soon.

    Recent Reviews

    1. WildRage64
      Version: Mod 1
      I like the ship. But looking at your username...why did you not put in a three stripes of Adidas?
      1. SlavSquatSuperstar
        Author's Response
        Ah... very sad indeed. That's definitely on my todo list!
    2. MChain
      Version: X-3
      You definitely don't like slabs xD And they can give you much better curves than wedges.

      It is a good idea to either throw away circuits from engines (preferable on such a small ship) or place ice above all the engine surface, leaving a gap for thruster plumes to spawn (less preferable on this scale).

      Otherwise, the ship is great. Screenshots are not, though xD
      I'd try a different angle, where the ship shape is revealed, not concealed by wedge reflections and Starmade light render troubles xD