Mantis Class Corvette (FOR SOE SERVER)

    Mantis Class Corvette (FOR SOE SERVER) New Mantis MK1

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    Mantis Class Corvette:
    - High speed
    - Duel EM Lock-on Missiles
    - 2x Scout Class AMS
    - Lighting effect based on ship speed.

    The Mantis Class was designed during the Peace Corps' imperial age when most of the ship designs were becoming increasingly bigger and more powerful. The Peace Corp Navy found that pouring their resources into a small number of large ships left them unable to properly patrol their growing territory. At the same time the pursuit class corvette that had been used to civil law enforcement and patrol duties had become obsolete. Despite many refits the pursuit class was unable to keep pace with the increasingly more capable pirate ships. The Peace corps needed a faster ship, with more fire power, with advanced scanners and with a lower resource cost so they could be produced in large amounts.

    The winning designs was a stripped-down version of the Warden Class Destroyer classified as the "mantis". The Mantis had the benefit of being made up of components already in productions to produce existing designs. Their low cost, high damage and high-speed designs came at the cost of having thinner armor and weaker shielding. The defenses of the Mantis however were more than sufficient for the policing of systems.

    The Mantis Class was later updated to include an advanced fleet targeting and fire guidance system. This allowed this inexpensive ship to provide a valuable boost in detection and targeting range for Peace Corp fleets.

    Many Mantis Class ship were produced and many of them did perform admirably as part of the Peace Corps. However they never replaced the Warden class, despite it's advantages, because Peace chorps leadership disliked the look of the ship. The hull had a very utilitarian design with a great deal of exterior sensors equipment that some said made it look... bug like... thus the classification.

    Ironically the Mantis primary was used by the terrian colonists for civil defense, and when some of the terrian colonies rebelled, a great deal of them ended up in the hands of the wolf pack pirates.
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