11970 Avoid Cayuse R/T

    11970 Avoid Cayuse R/T 1.2

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    Sweet JP's machine is a 11970 Avoid Cayuse (kai-yoos). Last of the R10 interceptors

    Me and my dad built her. 1100 e/sec of Plex muscle. It's a beast.

    It's got a cop reactor, a 34 cubic meter plant. It's got cop landing gear, cop sensors, cop tractor. It's a model made before reactor stabilizers so it'll run good on metal mesh.

    It's got power windows so you can give your opponent a proper stare-down at the starting line. Maxed top speed 810m/s, full thrust blast config excluding charge speed 2 due to power limitations, maxed anti-gravity for cutting close to gravity wells, stealth duration 2 with radar jamming and anti-lock-on for escaping the cyber-police.
    With all the mods it produces an approximate 14:1 thrust-to-mass ratio. Since it was originally a civilian-level ship there is no provisions for weapons hardpoints or shielding.

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    Latest updates

    1. Small fixes

      Replaced pickup rails used to control spawn location with the pilot's door open with ice crags...
    2. Tractor Turret Updated

      Improved range of motion.

    Latest reviews

    "civil ship with no weapons i sware!"

    *turret pops out the bottom*

    ship has some cool interactive features but is lacking in a few of the fundamentals of current ship building norms. namely... an unbalanced Reactor, no sheilds.. ext.

    good job over all
    "It'll run good on metal mesh." 💯