Scythe Class Gunship

    Scythe Class Gunship v0.203.105

    Game version
    Name: Scythe
    Class: Gunship
    Role: Bomber support, anti-capital ship, anti-attack craft/gunship, artillery support, skirmishing, Pursuit, Hit and Run


    the first part of a Second-Generation Project Series of new Military Ships designed to diversify and compete with other new Vessel becoming available to both legal and illegal markets, the Scythe light-medium Assault Craft E3-M1, or Scythe Class Gunship (or Scythe, for simplicity) is a ship designed to rip apart light enemy vessels and harass larger tonnage vessels.

    It completes this by sacrificing a degree of speed and armor, as well as usual fighter hangar-dock compatibility, for the sake of sporting Nine Turrets, increasing the weapon variety, damage and range. while this forces the Sycthe to either hold position or Dock on external ports, this does not diminish its effectiveness in a sector.

    Initially designed as a fighter- bomber, its chassis, capabilities, system demands, and role expanded during production, until it was finally settled upon for the ship to fill an advanced gunship role. sporting long range cannons, various long-range lasers, rapid fire cannons and experimental close-range vertical-swivel artillery cannons, alongside its own Daul barrel auto guns and 2-barrel missile launcher, the scythe fulfills that role beautifully.

    Sporting internal system sensors as well as experimental System management consoles, alongside the usual long-term pilot amenities (gravity, medical, cargo, internal build block), the Scythe also sports a basic Wireless logic system, allowing the scythe to fulfill advanced fleet roles or more interaction with complex logi systems.

    while it sacrifices armor, in-built AMS, and a degree of sub-light speed as well having a basic FTL drive, it's Auto charging FTL systems, shield outage matrix, kinetic resistance membrane, and T3 afterburners allow the scythe to further live up to it's name sake, capable of reaping a heavy toll on anyone foolish enough to confront a pilot who has mastered this vessel.

    Blocks-(including turrets) 3,331
    Mass- (excluding turrets) 278.9
    Dimensions; (excluding turrets)
    Length- 58 meters
    Width- 54 meters
    Height- 7 meters


    Power/Stabilizer- 130
    Shield/Regen- 8250/155
    Missile Capacity-5
    Cargo Capacity- 1k

    Weapons & Tools:
    1x2 CC- 241 dmg, range of 6000 meters
    1x2 MB- 4108.4 (%2) dmg, 12000+ meters

    1x1 Salvage beam
    Turret control
    Wireless logic inner ship remote
    Pilot canopy remote
    Undock remote

    Rail docker (bottom)

    Turrets: 9
    2x2 Barrel Auto Guns- 139 damage total, 6000-meter range
    2x1 Barrel Sniper Cannons- 1,709 (%2) damage total, 11,500+ meter range
    2 Pivot close range artillery guns- 1,279 damage (%2), 3000 meter range
    2x1 Long-Range Lasers-240 damage (%2) 11,900+ meters

    1x2 Barrel Long-Range Laser emitter- 310 dmg total, range 11,900+ meters

    total damage (Weapons+ Turrets): 8026

    Optimal Range: 12,000- 5000 Meters

    Speed 3
    Shield Base- Sheild outage 2
    Armor Base-Kinetic Resistance 2

    Reactor Base
    Scanner Base
    FTL Base- Auto charge
    First release
    Last update
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