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    Greetings citizens of the verse!
    Sioux Fleetworks is proud to present the SFW. Jaeger Missile Frigate.

    With considerable competition in the field of missile delivery platforms, SFW has opted to go a different route with this rugged assault platform.

    Specs and Features (Stat Card):
    • Experimental High-Energy Shielding
    • Heavy Armor Shell
    • 4x Vertical Launch Heavy Sniper Missiles
    • 1x Heavy Auto-Cannon Array
    • 2x 180° MultiCannon Turrets
    • 2x 45° Fixed Auto-Targeting Machine-Cannons (Interchangeable)
    • Auto-Firing Anti-Turret missile system
    • Logic Controlled Launch Tubes
    • Extendable turret designs for a lower-signature
    • Missile-Protector Chaff Pod
    • 50% Ionic Shield Hardening
    • 10% Thruster Overdrive
    • Jump Drive 75% of Max (Approx)
    • SFW Waste-No-Space Technology
    • Active Radar Jamming
    When creating the Jaeger, the engineers at SFW asked a simple question: What makes a missile platform effective?

    The SFW. Jaeger takes the lessons learned from older designs and flips them on their head. Favoring heavy armor and fast recharging shields over the lightly armored and stealthy missile boats of days past. The Jaeger aims to function as both close range and long range support on-demand.

    More than that; the Jaeger is designed to hang in a combat situation. In this sturdy vessel you won't find yourself charging your jump drive after the first scan breaks your cloak. This built-in toughness and first-rate firepower make it an excellent choice for any battlefield.

    Weather you're hunting pirates as a freelancer, or leading your fleet to victory on the hyperspace net the Jaeger is here for you.
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    Latest reviews

    The design of this ship is excellent.. it is curious though, there is a few blocks that are off behind the ship. I can't find which core they are connected to and they are hell with fleet logic.
    Dayum, that video sold it
    Haven't seen anyone else do that
    the disgn is very nice with lot of small details and nice color
    design 5-5
    function 5-5
    roll play 3-5
    technology 5-5
    firepower 4-5

    I LOVE the retracting turrets and the use of rails in general. Nice airlocks and docking is simple enough. Excellent against pirates however it takes FOREVER to kill the station itself. However, as a support ship it is well thought out and is already in use in my faction as an optional starter ship (Ascension Armada)
    thank you for sharing its a beautiful ship.
    As Bill and Ted would say, "Most Excellent!"