1. Dire Wolf

      Valkyrie Class Heavy Fighter MK01

      Mass 3.3K Shield Cap 280K Speed: MAX LORE The Valkyrie Class Heavy Fighter was exclusively used by the Peace Corp's Single Elite Fighter Squadron by the same name. Pilots needed to be ACE aviators on other Peace Corp Fighter platforms before they could even be considered for selection. They...
    2. SchnellBier

      SBS Harpy 1.0

      Heavy fighter with some basic systems and enough space to add more.
    3. Dr. Whammy

      Zweihander MK2 Version 1.0

      MEMORANDUM From: Dr-Whammy United Star Axis Bureau of System Defense (B.S.D.) Nexus Inc. Kisaragi Robotics To: Citizens of the StarMade universe Dated December 19, 2123 Subject: Special dispensation for public export licensing The United Star Axis agrees to...
    4. Asgardia

      EH Shuttle Fighter MK01

      This is a small fighter that can double as a small shuttle. Armed with dual beams, dual cannons, and a singular missile stack it can hold its ground until more arrive or a larger ship arrives. Made in a small private server. In space (Fore - prototype version) In space (Aft - prototype...
    5. colonel lacu

      CRS-Norrland Fighter V1

      a fighter conversion of my racing ship from the racer competition. its got smaller thrusters and half the hull cut off
    6. colonel lacu

      CRS-Hanko V0.8

      an interceptor made for Comcardinal's fighter contest. its a bit big.
    7. ua2hk

      Interceptor - Peafowl v1.0 v0.203.157

      For the event - ComCardinal's Community Fighter Contest - December 2023 ComCardinal's Community Fighter Contest - December 2023 19-12-2023
    8. C

      ComCardinal's Community Fighter Contest - December 2023

      ComCardinal's Community Fighter Contest - December 2023 UPDATE 2: SUBMISSION DEADLINE REACHED - Submissions will still be taken until results are announced, but there is no guarantee they will be evaluated! UPDATE: SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED What is it: A contest to design the best fighter*...
    9. Dire Wolf

      Bravo Class Scout FIghter MK01

      Features: - full scan strength - Max speed capable - environmental defense capable - 2 very small basic cannons. LORE: The Bravo Class is an early scout designed created for the Peace Corp Navy made to augment the existing fleet of Delta Class Fighters by providing target scouting. Many Peace...
    10. B

      Dart M2 v0.203.105

      Name: Dart Mark 2/ Dart M2 Class: Fighter/LAC Role: Basic Fighter, LAC support, Fire support, Station Defense, Defense/Attack " The Bodkin may be the icon of Military ships, and the Arbalest its current Crown Jewel, but it all wouldn't exists without the Dart starting everything."- anonymous...
    11. B

      Sparrowhawk-ECLAC-MET-3 v0.203.105

      Name: Sparrowhawk Class: Light Attack Craft Role: Escort, Defense, Anti-Light Craft Support, Security Description: envisioned as a debut ship for a new line of vessels for law enforcement, security firms and legal Freelance military operators, the Sparrowhawk Combat Escort Multi Engine mark 3...
    12. B

      Hunter M1 L-M FAC v0.203.105

      Name: Hunter Role: Medium Fighter, combat patrol, anti-light capitol ship, bomber, Offensive operations Class: Attack Craft/ Assault Fighter-Bomber About: The fourth entry into the fighter/light attack craft of the Valor series, and the more aggressive cousin of the Ranger, the hunter mark 1...
    13. B

      Ranger LRC v0.203.105

      Name: Ranger Role: Recon, Fire Support, Scouting, (optional) AMS Class: Attack Craft/Fighter/ Recon Ship About: The Ranger Light Reconnaissance Craft, or simply the Ranger LRC, is the third entry into the Valor series. While it lacks the offensive/ defensive abilities of its cousin ships, it's...
    14. B

      Herald M1 SIC v0.203.105

      Name: Herald M1 SIC Role: Attack/Defense craft, interceptor, (optional) AMS, pursuit Class: Fighter (Space Interceptor Craft) About: the second entry in the Valor Series, the Herald M1 Space interceptor Craft or simply the Herald M1 SIC, is a Fighter Craft that takes a back seat in regard to...
    15. B

      Levy M2 LAC v0.203.105

      Name: Levy M2 LAC Class: Fighter/ light attack craft Role: basic combat, station/ capital defense, (optional, not standard) AMS About: The Levy Mark 2 Light Attack Craft defender, or simply known as the Levy or Levy M2 LAC, is the First entry in the 'Valor' line of Ships, and the first of...
    16. Dire Wolf

      Bravo Class Heavy Fighter Type A MK02

      Stats: Reactor Blocks: 199 Thrust Ratio: 3.8 Max Speed: 551.1 Shield Cap: 16,875 Recharge after upkeep: 370 Weapons: Basic Cannons (2 groups) Total Blocks: 45 Lock-On Missiles (2 groups) Total Blocks: 80 Basic Damage Beam: (2 groups) Total Blocks: 59 Special Features: Cockpit is also a small...
    17. Dire Wolf

      Delta Class Lighter FIghter MK2

      Stats: Reactor Blocks: 99 Thrust Ratio: 4.7 Max Speed: 540.1 Shield Cap: 8,050 Recharge after upkeep: 250 Weapons: Lock-On Missiles (2 groups) Total Blocks: 64 Special Features: Jamming FTL range bonus Lore: Since their creation in 9715 The Peace Corps has depended on the every effective...
    18. DeepspaceMechanic

      Horseshoe-class stealth bomber v1

      The notorious support craft of the Watatsumi-class battlecruiser, finally released separately! A sneaky little ambush predator, designed to rip really large chunks out of prey several times its size. Only one hit per approach (after which it has to run out of the enemy's range to reload), but...
    19. B

      Leafhead-LIC-V1 v0.202.87

      Name: Leafhead-LIV-V1 Class: Fighter Craft- Hit and Run Attacker Description: A modified version of the Bodkin M1, the Leafhead Light Interceptor Craft or Leafhead- LIC- V1 is a fighter designed to get in as close as possible, as fast as possible. Armed with experimental engines and two low...
    20. MrGrey1

      GSI Dralthi Fighter 210601

      Modeled off the Dralthi Fighter from Wing Commander