1. B

      Leafhead-LIC-V1 v0.202.87

      Name: Leafhead-LIV-V1 Class: Fighter Craft- Hit and Run Attacker Description: A modified version of the Bodkin M1, the Leafhead Light Interceptor Craft or Leafhead- LIC- V1 is a fighter designed to get in as close as possible, as fast as possible. Armed with experimental engines and two low...
    2. MrGrey1

      GSI Dralthi Fighter 210601

      Modeled off the Dralthi Fighter from Wing Commander
    3. B

      Spatha-MSF-V1 v0.202.87

      Description: The Spatha Medium Star Fighter, or Spatha-MSF-V1 for short, is the first medium class combat ship entry in the fleet. More of an upscaling and upgrading of the Bodkin M1, it's wider and longer dimensions allow for more power, shield and chamber capacity, as well as improved weapons...
    4. Rechkalov

      Gwisang (Redcoat faction) 1.0b

    5. Rechkalov

      Sentó Hakucho mk.II 2.0

    6. Rechkalov

      Nabang 1.0

      - Comes in three liveries - The Nabang Nan versions sport a secondary "scope" camera at the front of the cockpit and are to be considered the final version of the craft. The basic version, also included, requires some fiddling with cockpit position, if you insist on seeing where you're going.
    7. E

      Imperial Eagle Red 0.202.87

      My very first upload. I haven't figure how to upload so I attached it to a dropbox, let me know if you have trouble downloading it. It's based of the Medium/Light Fighter from Elite Dangerous. True to its roots, it is a light weight, highly maneuverable fighter, that relies dodging attacks...
    8. abigmac

      Arcis Light Fighter 1

      Small fighter , isn't a useful combat craft but it looks cool and is good for rp power system is all messed up because it keeps breaking with every update
    9. B

      Bodkin M1 v0.202.87

      A relatively affordable ship, easy to build, the Bodkin M1 is built with the intent of acting as the back bone of a fighter corp of any fleet that can accommodate it's 30 l x 21 w x 6 h dimensions. Asymmetrical in design, it sports a kinetic rapid fire cannon meant to chew through drones and...
    10. Osborn14

      Aeses Fact. fighter V1

      Welcome to the Æses Factory, (ship in background HUGIN now released) here we present you our standard fighter. a tiny ship with only 32m long and 15m height for 21 width. it's got a 17k e/s reactor fully stabilize on board. it's propelled by twin thruster which give it a mass ratio of 4.2...
    11. PigeonFLU

      Ferrari HF-2020 v1

      This is my first ressource. "Fighter ship based on Ferrari design." Mass: 1.964 Reactor: lvl 10 Speed: 666 Shield: 315 000 Shield regen: 2 750 Weapon: 4 x Beam/m (27 696 dmg/s during 3,1 sec) Reload = 6.2 sec [25% IEM dmg] RC: Jump drive, Shield booster lvl 2, Reactor upgrade, Max speed lvl 3...
    12. Vexare

      Cossak-Class Interceptor Mk I

      Wraitheon Incorperated is proud to present our first ship in a line of attack drones. The Cossak is a small interceptor with quad automatic plasma cannons. Mass: 564.5 length: 26 width: 25 Height: 21 Reactor HP: 9,660 e/sec: 21,560 Thrust: 2446.8 Max Speed: 453.4 E/sec Consumed: 5150...
    13. I

      Cerberus Fighter 2019-09-19

      Hi! This is my completed version of the Cerberus fighter, part of my Cerberus Fleet pack. Best Suited for roleplay purposes. Thanks!
    14. Reilly Reese

      Danieer Foundries Nexus Macon Aerospace Fighter v0-201-378

      Danieer Foundries Macon Aerospace Fighter Lore Summary: The Macon class Aerospace Fighter is an older model produced by Danieer Foundries Nexus (DFN), it saw usage during the height of the Turia System War between the various un-unified peoples that now make up the Turion Republic. Following...
    15. MaartenAll

      Type-31 Seraph fighter v0.201.378

      The seraph is the most commonly used fighter by the covenant and therefor has to fulfill to all demands to be a good space fighter: it's fast, has weaponry for all combat scenario's and can take a punch. All these characteristics were copied into it's StarMade counterpart: the reactor rooms...
    16. SchnellBier

      SBS Shreya [QF] 2019-06-25

      WARNING: THIS SHIP ONLY WORKS WITH THE QUICKFIRE CONFIG. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE CLICK THIS LINK. Introducing: The SBS Shreya [QF] Special Features: - Landing Gear - Cockpit - 3.0 Thrust/Mass ratio (476 m/s max Speed) - Multi-Charge Jumpdrive Additional Pictures: Base Stats: Mass...
    17. Malcanthet

      HyperNanite Systems SD-1 Lemure 1.0

      Heat Cannon/Missile Kinetic Missile/Beam EM Cannon/Cannon Permanent Stealth Drive, Anti Lockon 1757 Blocks 19x10x42 4,000 e/s 3,500 level 4 reactor 100% stable 15,000 shield, 1,500 regen 225m/s by Malcanthet/HyperNanite Systems
    18. PromisedPossum

      Possum's Shuttle Pack 0.202.86

      All of Possum Tech's favorite small creations updated and placed in one download pack. Go fast, scan vast expanses, mine with dignity, or scout enemies undetected and ready to snipe.:skull: The Star series was updated with stronger salvage, more storage, stronger scanners and activation button...
    19. Zilvs

      A collection of old or forgotten projects

      I used to be more active in this community up to late 2017, and I kept my eye on the game and community during my inactivity. I thought about returning for a few months now. So, in a fit of nostalgia fueled reemergence, I dug through my blueprints and found a number of old projects I had...
    20. MrGrey1

      MRGS ICU Scanner Ship 280219

      MrGrey's Shipyard presents the ICU. A small scanner fighter designed to detect and pursue stealth scout ships.