1. Dalmont

      SFW. Astraea RC1-C

      You all have my sincerest apologies for not releasing anything for so long. The SFW. Astraea escort carrier is ready to take to the stars! Originally conceived as more of a demonstrator for new technologies the rising demand for fast escort ships has brought the Astraea into production. The...
    2. Dalmont

      Dalmont_Fleet_Submission_1 RC1

      I hope you all enjoy these, its been a while since I've done a release! My thanks to ToasterBorst for the inspiration to do the holography. Some things may require toggling for the rails to come back alive, the buttons are labeled as are the weapon links [Dragoon only] for those wishing to...
    3. Dalmont

      Next Generation Fighter: A Competition

      Congratulations to our winners! Fight and follow-up video available Soon™ (Watch this space). Score: 17 / 20 :: SBS. Ralinna by SchnellBier Score: 16 / 20 :: RF-4 Pearl Egret by refirendum Score: 15 / 20 :: SkyCorp Raven by SkylordLuke _____________________________RUNNER...
    4. Dalmont

      Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter RC3

      What more can be said? I set out to create the definitive x-wing and this is my attempt so far. Hope you all enjoy! If you want more ships like these feel free to drop me a PM with (reasonable) suggestions! DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a combat ship. Enter battle at your own risk.
    5. Dalmont

      SFW. Portrait RC1

      Greetings citizens of the verse! We here at Sioux Fleetworks are happy to present you another fine vessel. This time we've got the SFW. Portrait class. The portrait class was a one off commissioned design built for Cameo. Cameo is the most prominent portrait artist in the verse, known for...
    6. Dalmont

      SFW. Jaeger RC1

      Overview video courtesy of Ephla Industries. Check them out for more great content! Greetings citizens of the verse! Sioux Fleetworks is proud to present the SFW. Jaeger Missile Frigate. With considerable competition in the field of missile delivery platforms, SFW has opted to go a different...
    7. Dalmont

      SFW. Loggerhead RC1

      Overview video courtesy of Ephla Industries. Check them out for more great content! Hello again citzens! Sioux Fleetworks is proud to present the SFW. Loggerhead light fighter. Increased demand for light, advanced utility craft has spawned the creation of this thoroughbred workhorse. Specs...
    8. Dalmont

      SFW. Vale RC1

      Sioux Fleetworks is happy to present, for your consideration, the SFW. Vale. This over-clocked covert operations vessel will undoubtedly bring the element of surprise to any theater of action. Features: -Cloak, Jam, Charge Jump, and 22% Overdrive (All at once.) or -Cloak, Jam, Overdrive (When...