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    Hello again citzens!

    Sioux Fleetworks is proud to present the SFW. Loggerhead light fighter.

    Increased demand for light, advanced utility craft has spawned the
    creation of this thoroughbred workhorse.

    Specs and features (see stat card for detailed list):​
    • Best-In-Class shielding.
    • Compact Low-Profile design.
    • Two light Machine Cannon Arrays.
    • Two long-range sniper missiles.
    • Retractable landing legs and ramps for planetary operations.
    • Waste-No-Space™ System-to-Detail design.
    • Jump Drive.
    • Radar Jamming Systems.
    • Low cost construction.
    The Loggerhead light fighter has become a mainstay in the SFW inventory. It is primarily used to transport both high value personal and function as a support fighter; however the Loggerhead's cost effective, low-mass design, and utilitarian systems infrastructure make it an ideal candidate for carrier operations and planetary operations.

    More variations, and colors are planned as well as optional system and turret packages to fit a variety of desired roles.

    Supplies are limited on the base model; so get yours today!

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    Like your set of light craft. Wondering if I can mod them a little to be drone fighters with the new carrier system?
    Sorry I forgot to rate! Love it! Snipe me some pirates!
    Very durable craft, can take many a heavy hit before it stops fighting. Enjoyed every minute I spent flying it.