Dalmont_Fleet_Submission_1 RC1

    I hope you all enjoy these, its been a while since I've done a release!

    My thanks to ToasterBorst for the inspiration to do the holography. Some things may require toggling for the rails to come back alive, the buttons are labeled as are the weapon links [Dragoon only] for those wishing to change the combos easily.

    Please let me know if you find any bugs or misplaced blocks, i'll be happy to correct them or provide any needed product support!

    If time permits i'll do individual ship releases, but another fleet is in the works so it'll likely be a little bit!​
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    An excellent fleet of stunning ships, with both a beautiful interior and exterior. The use of display modules adds a whole new level of detail to an already amazing game and allowed the creation of some of the most realistic and interesting interiors to be added to the ships in this fleet. Your submission has inspired me with ideas for my own fleet and has been an enjoyable addition to my universe. Keep up the amazing work, I cant wait for the bomber.
    with the fleetcontest drawing to a close SFW brings us some truly beautiful Ships. Our engineers where dazzled by the spacios interior of the Dragoon so dazzled infact they never noticed the extra glass door block affixed to the outside of the hull not far from the Airlock. They where also fascinated by the many modern Interfaces wich help the crew of the Dragoon keep an eye on the complex machinery needed for Interstellar Travel. However the mood changed when our well liked Chief of Secuirity was brutaly mashed against the Cieling by an Ill desingend Elevator while he attempted to access the bridge with the other staff. Bystanders where to busy qoute: "checking out sick levitation Crystals" to Notice the Impending doom from above. while testing the weapons systems a myriad of swarm missiles accidentally destroyed the other Ships making an in depth review impossible.
    Body parts clogging the elevator shaft seems to be an ongoing problem, and will be adressed in the next RC. Additionally, our customers were not as appreciative of the free glass block as expected and it has been removed for future editions of the Dragoon. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback!
    Really well done, the visual design style is stunning. Creative use of displays is a very big plus.
    Wow, blows my stuff out of the water! I have got to learn how to use monitors like that.
    These are some amazing ships!!