SFW. Portrait

    SFW. Portrait RC1

    Greetings citizens of the verse!

    We here at Sioux Fleetworks are happy to present you another fine vessel. This time we've got the SFW. Portrait class.

    The portrait class was a one off commissioned design built for Cameo.

    Cameo is the most prominent portrait artist in the verse, known for cruising around the galaxy and providing her artistic talent to those who can afford it!

    The SFW. Portrait is a simple ship, essentially a space RV; it provides all the needed creature comforts at an affordable cost. While not authorized for main-line production we've elected to provide access to a select few individuals with the hopes that the Portrait may one day be reconfigured into a fighter class ship. Be sure to get one while supplies last!

    Cameo by cystematic.

    • Standard Jump Drive
    • Station-Like Amenities
    • Overclocked Machine Cannon Defense Array
    First release
    Last update
    4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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    Latest reviews

    Great ship, but show us where the door is next time! It was too hard to find.
    LOVE IT! When I come back from my editing hiatus, I'd love to do a video on this Majestic ship!
    very nice disign with nice details good choice of colors too
    Stunning beauty.

    If you just look at the exterior though, it looks a lot more like a bounty hunter's ship than an artist's. Unless Cameo likes to paint with the blood of her enemies. Then it suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    I might take a shot at that reconfiguration so the insides match the outsides ;)
    perfect beauty.