SFW. Astraea

    SFW. Astraea RC1-C

    You all have my sincerest apologies for not releasing anything for so long.

    The SFW. Astraea escort carrier is ready to take to the stars! Originally conceived as more of a demonstrator for new technologies the rising demand for fast escort ships has brought the Astraea into production.

    The interior features a wide array of shiny display logic, please let me know what you think, and if you find any bugs please share so I can correct them for the next release!

    Your feedback on this project will be greatly appreciated as its a bit of a warm-up for whats to come! I built this as a follow-up to the SFW. Polaris, and I hope the Astraea lives up to her grandfather's lineage. Eventually I hope to grace the spacelanes with an update to that very ship as well, so stay tuned.

    Fly safe,

    **The default password for the ship is Sioux, capital S no spaces it can be changed inside the War Room.

    Review by Raiben
    Also, to whoever made "Chain_Drive_II.sment" I salute you. I know you said credit wasn't necessary in the description, but I've had this BP for ages and I can't find the dang content page. It works like a charm! You have my gratitude, mystery logic man!
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    I love this ship what fighters do you use?
    I'm absolutely disgusted by your callous disregard for everyone's self-esteem. Keep up the good work :P
    Great use of the new display mechanics.
    Really nice bunny and all though i had issues taking a piss in there... and the cleaner in the quarters was occupied after my long run from the bridge...
    Great ship showing of whats possible though i could barely fit one of my shuttles in there ; (
    great job man as usual.
    Hey. This is an awesome ship and i am in awe of your ships... One question. I am somewhat new to Starmade and wanted to know how to use the chain jump drive. keep being awesome :)
    Dalmont, I literally jumped in my chair when I saw this. Originally I wasn't that much of a fan of your works because I was convinced you only build for looks (and ttbt I was jealous a.f. how good you actually were in that department) but you seem to have stepped up your systems game as well. I might tinker with it a little to better balance the stats to my liking, but I'm definitely going to fly this ship until it falls apart in a sun due to a miscalculated jump (I get a lot of those lately)